Exclusive video shows Frank Luntz speaking with senior Team Haley staff at a Thursday event in Ankeny, Iowa. Luntz was likely speaking with Team Haley about a fake poll he could create that shows Haley gaining on Trump, which would be released just days before the Iowa Caucus. When confronted by Loomer at the event, Luntz informed her that he refused to speak to his former roommate, Kevin McCarthy. Luntz also falsely claimed that he was attending Trump events.

The video shows Luntz meeting with Haley’s senior staff. Luntz turned around and waved to Loomer and her Loomer Unleashed staff. Loomer captioned the video, writing, “After establishment GOP pollster @FrankLuntz left @NikkiHaley’s event in Ankeny, Iowa today, he then went into a private room in the same building complex where @NikkiHaley held her event. He was meeting privately with her campaign staff. I caught him on video through the glass window. When he saw me and my team filming him through the window, he waved!”

Loomer continued writing, “Why is @FrankLuntz privately meeting with Nikki Haley’s senior campaign staff? Did she hire him to push fake polls in Iowa with 4 days left to go till the Iowa Caucus?”

Loomer asked Luntz as he was leaving the event, “Hey Frank, why are you at a Nikki Haley event?”

Luntz responded with ” Ugh”

Later, Loomer asked, ” So Frank, why aren’t you supporting President Trump in 2024?” Luntz ” responded with, “Don’t you have a job? Do you know of any good BBQ around here?” Loomer replied, ” I live in Florida.” This prompted Frank to respond with, ” I gave a speech in Fisher Island (Florida), and the average age is deceased.” Loomer then responded with, ” Like Kevin McCarthy’s career?”

Loomer then asked, ” What is Kevin McCarthy doing these days? Is it hard for you to get lobbying gigs now that your roommate is no longer Speaker of the House? What is Kevin doing these days? Are you guys still bodies and roommates now that he is no longer Speaker?”

Luntz replied, breaking the news that he and Kevin McCarthy are no longer friends, saying, ” No, I refuse to talk to him because he is no longer a Speaker. I only give my place to the Speaker of the House. We are no longer friends.”

Luntz replied to the video on X, writing, “This woman told me she’s a ‘highly successful investigative journalist.’ Loomer had a fantastic comeback to Luntz’s false attack, writing, “.@FrankLuntz I’ll give you a pass for lashing out at me on X. I know how tough a breakup can be. I can tell I struck a nerve when I asked about your ex-boyfriend, @SpeakerMcCarthy. I know you like writing and reading books. I recommend the book, He’s Just Not That Into You.”

Frank Luntz’s appearance with Nikki Haley is just further proof that globalist forces have teamed up with the GOP establishment in an all-out attempt to stop President Trump.