Another day leads to another Team DeSantis disaster in Iowa. Unsurprisingly, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has embraced her inner Mitt Romney, as Loomer exclusively reported that Reynolds has been using an X burner account to promote Ron DeSantis and trash President Trump. Romney was famously exposed for having a burner Twitter account named Pierre Delecto that trashed Trump. Social media burner accounts seem to be quite prevalent amongst well-known Never Trumpers. Reynolds’s burner account was suspended by X following Loomer’s exclusive.

Reynolds’s burner account is known as @Kimberl26890376. Loomer broke this news posting, “I have uncovered Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds @IAGovernor alt X account @Kimberl26890376, which she is using to share her opinions ahead of the Iowa Caucus, and to trash President Trump. How embarrassing for Kim Reynolds! This is her alt account. Cc: @TeamTrump.”

Governor Reynold’s @Kimberl26890376 account reposted an X account that wrote on New Year’s Day, “The contrast is overwhelming…” while sharing pictures of President Trump with his lawyer Alina Habba and Ron DeSantis with his family. This post attempts to spread the fake news that Trump’s family abandoned him when, in reality, Trump’s family was taking care of Melania Trump’s mother, who recently passed away.

In another post, @Kimberl26890376 captioned a picture of herself speaking at a Ron DeSantis Iowa event and wrote, “Thanks Clayton County.” It’s incredibly creepy that Reynolds used a burner account to share a picture of herself. Reynolds’s decision to share photos of herself on a burner account also opens the door to questions like whether she is embarrassed to appear with Ron DeSantis in Iowa. Maybe polling showing Reynolds as one of the most hated governors in America is starting to bother her.

Following Loomer’s exposure, Reynolds’s @Kimberl26890376 was suspended on X. Loomer commented on this news, writing, “Looks like Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’s alt X account just got suspended after it was exposed. Don’t worry! I archived it all before she could delete her account and pretend like it was “suspended.” I have the full archive of her alt account, which she used to attack President Trump.”

Mitt Romney also had a then Twitter burner account known as Pierre Delecto that regularly trashed President Trump. One of Romney’s tweets read, “Loyal to principal trumps loyalty to party or person, right Brit?” Interestingly, DeSantis and his allies’ attacks against Trump feature the fake news line that Trump’s campaign is about himself. Trump put these notions to bed at his Wednesday evening Iowa Town Hall, saying, “Our ultimate retribution is success.”

After relying on President Trump for her reelection, Kim Reynolds has fully embraced her new never-Trump persona, complete with an anti-Trump pro-DeSantis burner account. It’s no wonder Reynolds is now one of the most hated governors in America.

Charles Downs