Nikki Haley’s staff threw an 18-year-old first-time voter out of her event and into the snow in Waukee, Iowa. Team Haley’s reasoning for doing this was because he supports President Trump and Loomer. However, the individual tossed was not causing any trouble and was sitting at the event like other attendees and media members. Last week, Nikki Haley called the police on journalist Laura Loomer for attending her Iowa event. Throwing out journalists and activists is straight from the DNC Playbook.

The video starts with a Haley staffer saying, ” I know you are with Laura Loomer, and you need to leave. This is not a town hall. We control who comes in and out. If you aren’t going to leave we will have the police escort you out.”

The kid responds with, ” You understand it’s 32 degrees. So you are going to throw me out in a snowstorm?”

Loomer captioned the video, writing, “Nikki Haley clearly doesn’t support free speech. And her staff are willing to let teenagers freeze in the snow by their own admission. 2 days ago, Nikki Haley called the cops on me as well and had police remove me from her event. If she’s President, would she use the police to silence her critics? Would she deprive her critics of shelter during a snow storm? These are all very important questions voters need to keep in mind before they vote in the Iowa Caucus on January 15, 2024. That isn’t very “Iowa Nice”, Nikki.”

The Haley staffer who threw the 18-year-old out is identified as Andrew Patterson. Loomer shared more information about Mr. Patterson, writing, “Looks like Andrew Patterson is a wannabe dictator and an authoritarian like his boss, Neocon Nikki. Nikki Haley’s campaign is ANTI- FREE SPEECH. They are also cold hearted. Why would you tell an 18 year old, first time voter that you don’t care if they freeze in a snow storm in Iowa?”

Loomer continued writing, ” The 18 year old doesn’t have a car. He got a ride to the event. He could freeze or get hypothermia in this weather. It just goes to show you that Nikki Haley really isn’t the maternal wife and mother she pretends to be on the campaign trail. What type of woman throws a teenager out into the middle of a blizzard?”

X users were horrified by the video, with one user writing, “As a mother, I’m disgusted to see you THROW OUT A TEENAGER INTO A SNOW STORM, for wanting to ask you QUESTIONS as a FIRST TIME VOTER!! What the hell is wrong with you??
Worse, YOU are a mother yourself. You can NEVER be allowed in a seat of power again!!”

Last week, Nikki Haley threatened to call the police on journalist Laura Loomer for attending her Iowa event. The video of this incident has over 13 million views.

Throwing a journalist out of an event is a tactic straight out of the DNC playbook. Haley’s actions on this matter prove yet again that Haley is a Democrat running in the GOP Primary.

Charles Downs