Nikki Haley’s staff is a RINO exhibit. Myles Nuzzi, the staffer who enforced Team Haley’s orders to call the police on journalist Laura Loomer at Haley’s Iowa town hall, has a social media history of praising Liz Cheney and is the cousin of globalist anti-Trump journalist Olivia Nuzzi. Then there is Nikki Haley’s Creative Director Suzanne Youngblood Lane, who proudly has Mitch McConnell alumni displayed in her X bio. Haley’s decision in staffing should come as no surprise as Haley’s campaign has been flooded with never-Trump dollars from elite Democrats and RINOS. The facts can not be denied. Haley wants to destroy MAGA and President Trump so her globalist masters can continue to gain unlimited power.

Loomer shared a screenshot from a Myles Nuzzi’s X account post that read, “I’d rather never work in politics than work for Republicans who tried to overturn an election. Liz Cheney is the future of my party. So is @MitRomey and ©RopKinzinger for that matter.”

Loomer captioned the screenshot, writing, “Myles Nuzzi locked his X account when I exposed him. Here’s one of his tweets in which he said the election wasn’t stolen and that Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney and Adam Kinzinger are the future of the Republican Party. He also appears to love CNN. His X account is full of RT from Trump bashing CNN hosts. This is who Nikki Haley hired as her national campaign political coordinator. Honestly disqualifying.”

It is also 100 percent confirmed by Loomer that Myles Nuzzi is globalist anti-Trump journalist Olivia Nuzzi’s cousin. This is confirmed via a photo Oliva posted of Ryan at the White House, captioning the photo, “Bring your cousin to the White House day.”

The video of Nuzzi calling the police on journalist Laura Loomer has over 13 million views.

Then there is Nikki Haley’s Creative Director Suzanne Youngblood Lane whose X account profile reads, “Creative Director: @NikkiHaley @TeamHaley. Former: @LeaderMcConnell.”

Suzanne Youngblood Lane seems to be an important part of Team Haley as Nikki Haley’s Campaign Manager, Betsy Ankney, has shared multiple recent posts by Youngblood Lane.

It should come as no surprise Haley works with RINOS as RINO donors exclusively fund her. Loomered.com recently reported on an elite fundraiser being hosted by a mega-globalist for Haley. One of the donors hosting the event is Henry R Kravis. Records show Kravis donated to “Cheney-Gonzalez,” a joint fundraising committee for Liz Cheney and Anthony Gonzalez, who, like Cheney, was one of the few GOP members of Congress to vote to impeach President Trump.

Michael L Santini is also hosting Haley’s upcoming fundraiser. Records show Santini has been a frequent donor to John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan. It is important to note that Santini’s donation to McCain-Ayotte came in June 2016, a time when McCain was actively working to steal the GOP nomination from Trump. Meanwhile, Kelly Ayotte refused to vote for Trump in 2016.

Haley’s staff, policies, and donors make clear she is no friend of any Republican voter. Haley’s end goal is to destroy President Trump and MAGA so her globalist masters can continue to gain unlimited power.


Laura Loomer