A new lawsuit filed against the Michigan Republican Party (MRP) is indicating that the legal actions of MRP Chairwoman Kristina Karamo are putting state committee members in severe financial liability, including culpability for the crushing debt accrued by the fledgling administration.

The Michigan Republican Party Trust (MRP Trust), an organization that owned the building that was previously the MRP Headquarters, has filed a motion to dispose a recent lawsuit filed by the Karamo administration. The motion outlines how Karamo’s seemingly incomprehensible legal maneuvers have opened up some of the most dedicated pro-Trump activists in the state of Michigan to crippling legal liabilities, perhaps by design.

The Karamo administration filed their lawsuit against the MRP Trust as well as Comerica Bank, of whom they are on the ropes for hundreds of thousands in debt, in the hopes of seizing the former MRP headquarters. Even though the Karamo administration could not afford to keep the heat on at the former headquarters and were forced to downsize, they hope to seize the building through the court system presumably to sell the building and pay off debt. The MRP Trust has provided an extensive paper trail in their motion demonstrating that the Karamo lawsuit is frivolous.

“The MRP Trust has documented every step and every transaction,” the MRP Trust stated in their motion, presenting “affirmative evidence demonstrating the Property’s ownership” by Seymour Street, LLC, a corporation based out of Okemos established in 2005 that is run by the Trust.

The motion notes that a previous lawsuit, Karamo v. Winfrey, had been determined to be “devoid of arguable legal merit” by the courts with Karamo and her attorney Dan Hartman forced to pay a judgment of $58,000 in the aftermath. Noting that Karamo in the past had publicly stated that the building “is owned by a trust” and her Executive Director previously “forwarded invoices for utility service, lawn care and snow removal for the Property to one of the trustees of the MRP Trust,” they believe the courts should dismiss the lawsuit while once again sanctioning Karamo and Hartman.

“The MRP Trust has clearly demonstrated that the Property is owned by Seymour Street, LLC and that the sole member of Seymour Street, LLC is the MRP Trust. None of Plaintiff’s vague accusations or wild theories can change that simple fact,” the MRP Trust stated in their conclusion.

What makes Karamo’s lawsuit particularly dangerous is the burden that it places on the shoulders of the elected members of the State Committee, many of whom she is engaging in a messy public feud right now. A firm majority of State Committee members are demanding Karamo’s ouster for financial malfeasance and ineptitude and have called a meeting tomorrow on Jan. 6 to remove Karamo and Hartman.

“Because Plaintiff is an unincorporated voluntary association, the sanctions may be awarded against each member of the Michigan Republican State Committee individually,” a footnote in the MRP Trust’s motion states.

contempt of court order over the Karamo administration’s intervention in a local intra-party squabble in Hillsdale County shows how members of the state committee can be made financially liable for Karamo’s legal entanglements. The State Committee was fined $500 after the court determined that the Karamo administration violated a court order on Dec. 28, 2023.

The State Committee has been directly named as a party to Karamo’s lawsuit against the MRP Trust and Comerica Bank, despite the fact that state committee members never voted on whether or not the lawsuit should be initiated. With the MRP Trust’s motion being filed and a subsequent motion also filed by Comerica Bank, this will put state committee members at risk of paying between $8,000 and $30,000 per individual, an attorney with knowledge of state committee affairs told Loomered.

“The Chair has opened the entire State Committee up to serious financial liability. No one knew we were being named as Defendants in the Hillsdale case or as Plaintiffs in the case against the Trust and Comerica Bank, and neither the General Counsel nor the Chair informed anyone that the State Committee could be required to put their personal finances in the ballpark of thousands per person forward to pay sanctions for being in contempt of court or for taking part in frivolous litigation,” an unnamed MRP insider told Loomered.

State committee members are incredibly frustrated at the notion that they may be forced to pony up for Karamo’s actions, which are either unprecedented ineptitude or an unfathomably dastardly agenda to destroy the MRP in a crucial election year and bankrupt some of the most dedicated patriot activists in the state of Michigan.

“It’s difficult for me to believe that Dan Hartman, the attorney who started this whole legal mess, was unaware of the financial consequences that would impact state committee members personally. Essentially State Committee members could bare the financial cost of this baseless, frivolous lawsuit,” said Mindi Tietz, a state committee member from the 11th Congressional District, to Loomered.

“We all know the Michigan Republican Party is bankrupt. Therefore, the only place left to go to collect sanctions, attorney fees, etc., will be the individual State Committee Members. This was not coincidental. This is not incompetence. This is about deliberately taking down the last remnant of the MRP, which is, the State Committee,” Tietz added, stating her opinion on the matters.

“Through her blatant violation of Party Bylaws, Chairwoman Karamo has shown utter contempt for the members of the committee, our legal system, and common decency.  Her defiance and reckless actions are exposing good, honorable Republicans to criminal and civil liability.  It’s clearly time for the committee to find new leadership,” said Daniel Lawless, a state committee member from Michigan’s 6th Congressional District, to Loomered.

Additionally, Karamo emerged as the figurehead of a dark money 501c3 shadow group based out of Nevada called “Unauthorized” that brags about how they are working to get Democrats elected:



Karamo has failed to live up to her campaign promises that she once made, coming woefully short of lofty fundraising goals that she sold unwitting precinct delegates on during her campaign of deception to become MRP Chairwoman in early 2023:


Karamo is attempting to dictatorially claim that any meeting she does not lord over is illegitimate as she desperately clings to power with the state committee poised to oust her as soon as tomorrow:


A majority of MRP District Chairs, including Karamo’s own handpicked co-chair Malinda Pego, are demanding Karamo’s resignation:


A blistering 140-page report made by former Karamo supporter and state committee member Warren Carpenter details the totality of Karamo’s record of abject failure:


Laura Loomer