Despite her low polling numbers, Nikki Haley is rapidly gaining support and resources from global elites. Wealthy donors to RINOs and Democrat politicians plan to throw Nikki Haley a fundraiser in New York City on January 30th. This date is interesting because, by January 30th, Haley will have lost Iowa and New Hampshire. Most candidates lose money if they fail to win Iowa or New Hampshire. Haley has embraced Democrat support. Haley stood by New Hampshire’s Chris Sununu as he called on Democrats to vote for Haley in the state’s upcoming GOP primary.

Loomer shared a screenshot from the Haley campaign showing details of the upcoming New York City fundraiser. Loomer captioned the photo, writing, “@NikkiHaley is gathering with some of the wealthiest Uniparty donors in NYC on January 30th, which is one week after the New Hampshire Presidential primary and 15 days after the Iowa Caucuses. This is a signal that her donors are going to load her up with a ton of cash after big spends in Iowa and NH so that she’s replenished with campaign funds ahead of the primaries in Nevada, South Carolina, and Michigan.”

One of the hosts of Haley’s January 30th fundraiser is Susan Cohn Rockefeller. FEC records show Ms. Cohn Rockefeller gave $10,000 to the Biden Victory Fund in September of 2023. Cohn Rockefeller also donated to Chris Christe, the DNC, and Act Blue in 2023. During the 2022 election cycle, Cohn Rockefeller donated to Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock. Warnock’s 2022 election victory was key in ensuring Democrats retained control of the United States Senate.

Another Haley host committee member is Henry R Kravis. Records show Kravis donated to Chuck Schumer in 2021. Worse, also in 2021, Kravis donated to “Cheney-Gonzalez,” a joint fundraising committee for Liz Cheney and Anthony Gonzalez, who, like Cheney, was one of the few GOP members of Congress to vote to impeach President Trump.

Then, there is Haley fundraiser host Michael L Santini. Records show Santini has been a frequent donor to John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Paul Ryan. It is important to note that Santini’s donation to McCain-Ayotte came in June 2016, a time when McCain was actively working to steal the GOP nomination from Trump. Meanwhile, Kelly Ayotte refused to vote for Trump in 2016.

Haley has been raking in Democrat cash ever since JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon encouraged Democrats at the New York Times 2023 Deal Book Summit to back Nikki Haley in an attempt to stop Donald Trump. One of the first Democrats to donate to Haley following Dimon’s statement was Jeffrey Epstein associate Reid Hoffman, who is also a committed Hillary Clinton donor.

Haley has also been openly courting Democrat voters to her side as well. Video from December shows Nikki Haley smiling as New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu called on Democrats to vote for Haley in the upcoming New Hampshire GOP Primary.

Haley’s donor list makes clear that the former Governor of South Carolina is a Democrat in disguise whose goal is to sabotage President Trump and MAGA in the GOP Primary.

Laura Loomer