Nikki Haley bragged about her attendance at the 2007 World Economic Forum that was held in Dalian, China. Haley has embraced China as her political ally throughout her career and globalists have taken note. JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who once said the company is “all in” on growth in China, recently told attendees at the New York Times 2023 Deal Book Summit to back Nikki Haley in an attempt to stop Donald Trump. Americans for Prosperity Action, which is a part of the Koch Organization, recently endorsed Haley. Club for Growth Action, another organization in the Koch Network, fought President Trump over his tariffs on China. Pro-CCP globalist forces against President Trump have clearly made Haley their preferred candidate.

Loomer shared a web archive page from Nikki Haley’s official website showing a press release from then South Carolina State Rep Haley stating that she attended the 2007 World Economic Forum in Dalian, China. Loomer captioned the link, writing, ” In case you needed any more evidence that @NikkiHaley is a globalist, Uniparty puppet, did you know that in 2008, she attended The World Economic Forum (WEF) in China? She claims to be tough on China, but she is very entangled with the CCP.”

Haley’s press release bragged that her delegation was the only delegation from the United States invited to the World Economic Forum. This part of the press release reads, “South Carolina was the only state in the nation invited to attend this annual gathering of CEOs, political dignitaries and top investors from around the globe, offering what Rep. Haley called ‘a rare opportunity for us to expand economic development prospects here in Lexington County and across our state.’”

In 2014, following her reelection as South Carolina’s Governor, Nikki Haley wrote a letter to China’s Ambassador stating that she looked “forward to working with you [China] going forward.”

Then, in 2015, South Carolina became the first state to open a China-owned car factory. Haley still has a Facebook post about this on her page. The post reads, “Excited to celebrate today Volvo Cars coming to South Carolina with their first American plant! The $500 million investment will create 4,000 new jobs here! #SCPride #ItsAGreatDayInSC.”

Pro-China globalists have taken note of Haley’s China support. JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s call to Democrats to donate to Haley worked as Jeffrey Epstein’s associate Reid Hoffman donated $250,000 to SFA Fund Inc, a PAC that supports Nikki Haley.

Haley’s pro-China globalist allies continue to grow as Americans for Prosperity recently endorsed Haley. This organization is funded by the Koch Network. Club for Growth, another Koch network-funded organization, fought President Trump on his China tariffs. Club for Growth referred to Trump’s steel tariffs as “an affront to economic freedom.”

President Trump defeated the Koch Networks effort and stopped China from dumping steel in America. Trump has beaten Koch once. Polling shows Trump leading Haley by a lot. This strongly indicates Trump is going to beat Koch again.

Nikki Haley’s pro-CCP globalist past has opened the floodgates for her to receive millions in anti-America First funding. Haley’s candidacy’s end goal is to destroy Trump and his America First policies.

Charles Downs