Tony Lyons, one of the founders of American Values 2024 Pac, a super Pac supporting RFK JR, was named in recently released Jeffrey Epstein documents. RFK JR has repeatedly admitted that he flew with Jeffery Epstein on Epstein’s infamous private plane. Loomer previously exposed that RFK Jr’s candidacy is designed to create a contingent election. This happens when no presidential candidate reaches 270 electoral votes. Jeff Bezos’s security chief, Gavin de Becker, is also a large contributor to the American Values 2024 Pac. RFK JR is not the outsider candidate that he is attempting to portray himself as to American voters.

Loomer posted a screenshot of newly released Epstein documents showing American Values Pac 2024 cofounder Tony Lyons listed in the files. Loomer captioned the photo, writing, ” Another name on the Jeffrey Epstein list is Tony Lyons, the President and Publisher at Skyhorse Publishing. Tony Lyons also happens to be the COFOUNDER of @RobertKennedyJr RFK JR’s Super Pac @AmValues2024 American Values 2024, which is actively pushing for a contingent election in 2024.”

On American Values 2024 Pac’s website, Tony Lyons is listed as the organization’s co-founder. Interestingly, Lyons’s bio on the website highlights his work as President of Skyhorse Publishing, the same company that has published numerous RFK JR books.

Records from the FEC show that Lyons personally contributed to RFK Jr’s campaign too. Records also show that Lyons was a frequent donor to Hillary Clinton. This is not shocking, considering Lyons and Hillary’s husband Bill have a mutual connection with Jeffery Epstein. Lyons has also donated to numerous other Democrat politicians. 

RFK JR recently admitted he was on Epstein’s plane, and his wife was friends with Ghislaine Maxwell, saying, “I was on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet two times,” I was on it in 1993… I went to Florida with my wife and two children to visit my mom over Easter. My wife had some kind of relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell and they offered us a ride to Palm Beach.”

Loomered.com previously reported that Jeff Bezos’s security chief, Gavin de Becker, donated over $4.5 million to American Values. Essentially, RFK JR’s super PAC is run by an Epstein associate and one of Jeff Bezos’s most trusted employees. That is quite an anti-America First combination.

Loomer’s original report highlighting RFK Jr’s goal of causing a contingent election has over 4 million views. A contingent election happens when no presidential candidate receives 270 electoral votes. If a contingent election occurs, the United States House selects the President while the U.S. Senate selects the Vice President. Following Loomer’s reporting, RFK JR said in a video that his campaign wanted to play “spoiler,” essentially admitting that a contingent election is his end goal.

RFK JR is personally associated with Jeffrey Epstein and funds his campaign with other Epstein associates. RFK JR also accepts money from pro-globalist and Hillary Clinton donors. This man is not the freedom fighter he is attempting to sell himself as. RFK JR is a wolf in sheep’s clothing with designs on destroying President Trump and the MAGA movement.