Records show that Marjorie Taylor Greene has paid MAGA saboteur Jason Boles’s RTA Stragey Company over $300,000. Boles is also the treasurer of Heal the Divide, a Super PAC supporting RFK Jr for President. Loomer has reported extensively that RFK Jr’s end goal is to prevent all presidential candidates from reaching 270 electoral votes, thus creating a contingent election. If this happens, the United States House picks the President while the U.S. Senate picks the Vice President. MTG cannot claim to be pro-Trump while at the same time paying MAGA saboteurs hundreds of thousands of dollars. RFK also has deep ties to Jeffrey Epstein. This is not the first time MTG has gone against MAGA, as MTG remained a staunch Kevin McCarthy supporter.

Loomer shared screenshots showing MTG’s campaign and PAC making payments to RTA Strargies that total over $300,000. Loomer captioned the picture, writing, “This should really make everyone do a double take when they see how MTG has paid Jason Boles’s firm RTA Strategies over $300k for “consulting services.” So many people pretend to be MAGA while working in the shadows to sabotage President Trump.

FEC records from this year show that MTG’s Greene for Congress has made multiple large payments to RTA in 2023.

Save America Stop Socialism PAC and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s People over Politcians Committee, both PACS that support MTG, made multiple payments to RTA in 2023.

Jason Boles is one of two people listed on the RTA Strategies “Who We Are” page of the company’s website.

FEC records show that Jason Boles is the treasurer of Heal the Divide PAC, a super PAC supporting RFK Jr.

Loomer’s reporting on RFK Jr’s goal of creating a contingent election has received over 4 million views. If no candidate reaches 270 electoral votes, a contingent election is declared, which empowers Congress to vote for the United States President. When this happens, each House member votes as a state delegation. Each state delegation gets a single vote, and a candidate becomes president with the support of a majority (26) of state delegations.

RFK Jr. is also facing major questions as he has admitted countless times that he flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s planes. This is as Tony Lyons, one of the founders of American Values 2024 PAC, another super PAC supporting RFK Jr, was named in recently released Jeffrey Epstein documents.

RFK is clearly no friend of Trump or the MAGA movement. So why is MTG paying people closely associated with him hundreds of thousands of dollars? It is important to remember this is not the first time MTG has supported politicians with an anti-MAGA agenda. MTG supported former Speaker Kevin McCarthy despite McCarthy’s inability to get anything accomplished for the MAGA movement. McCarthy still has not endorsed President Trump’s reelection.

MTG has proven time and time again that she is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. RFK Jr and MTG are truly meant for each other as both are globalist grifters pretending to be freedom fighters.

Laura Loomer