On Tuesday, President Trump took to TruthSocial to share the Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States, a report highlighting election fraud in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania during the 2020 election. The report adds another layer of ridiculousness to Fani Willis’s charges against President Trump. This report should also motivate Trump supporters to ensure their state’s GOP has strong and competent leaders, as Democrats are already cheating in the 2024 election.

Joe Biden “won” Georgia by 11,779 votes. Summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing State report states, “Ninety percent of these approximately 148,000 absentee ballots cast in Fulton County cannot be authenticated.” The report goes on to read that “None of the 315,000 votes cast during early voting in Fulton County were witnessed to and signed by the poll manager and two poll workers, as required by state election rules.” Even weirder is the fact that “Fulton County certified 59,143 in-person votes on Election Day, despite the fact that only 14,152 people had voted as of 5 p.m.”

Given these stats, President Trump was correct to question the election results of Fulton County, Georiga. Fulton County DA Fani Willis has refused to answer the critical questions related to her prosecution of Trump. While leaving a fundraiser in D.C. that was hosted in the same building as the Washington Post, Willis refused to answer Loomer Unleashed when we asked her if she was coordinating with National Democrats on her arrest of Trump. 

What happened in Georgia became more interesting as House Republicans reported that the J6 Committee deleted their documents. Some of the documents the J6 Committee dealt with were communications with Fulton County DA Fani Willis. When Loomer Unleashed asked J6 Committee member Jamie Raskin about this, Raskin denied it, even attempting to use Liz Cheney as a reference.

The report goes on to state that in Pennsylvania, “months after the election, there were 121,240 more votes than voters, according to the Pennsylvania Department of State.” Arizona’s “Maricopa County accepted 20,500 mail-in ballots after Election Day 2020,” and in Michigan, the state saw its highest turnout in 60 years, which is odd, considering that 70 percent of Detriot is Black, and Biden was able to receive Obama-like numbers in that area.

Loomer commented on the report correctly, pointing out that, “Democrats are willing to play a far different game. They are willing to Cheat at levels never seen before. Please study these numbers carefully, analyze what’s been done, keep an open mind, and be smart—Because the Democrats are already trying to do it again, but adding one more weapon, Prosecutorial Misconduct—Using the DOJ, FBI, and local Attorney Generals and D.A.’s to go after Crooked Joe Biden’s Political Opponent—President Trump.”

Polling showing President Trump’s lead growing is causing the Democrats to intensify their election interference efforts. Given this fact, as well as the Left’s past of cheating in elections, it is written on the wall that Democrats are going to attempt to cheat again in the 2024 election. It is crucial that state GOP parties, along with the RNC, work with the Trump campaign to create a vast, secure vote network.

Charles Downs