Loomer was the first to report that Never Back Down PAC paid Bob Vander Plaats before his endorsement of Ron DeSantis for president. Vander Plaats was just a piece of Team DeSantis’s Iowa endorsement scheme. Records from the state of Iowa show Great American Comeback, a PAC associated with Ron DeSantis, has donated heavily to Iowa state lawmakers who have endorsed Ron DeSantis for president. It is just weeks before the Iowa caucus, and Ron DeSantis’s whole operation has been exposed as paid and fraudulent.

Iowa public records show that on October 3rd, 2023, Iowa State Senator Jeff Reichman received a donation from Ron DeSantis’s Great American Come Back PAC. Last summer, Reichman revoked his endorsement of Trump and instead endorsed DeSantis. Reichman told the Des Moines Register that Trump’s attacks on Kim Reynolds are the reason he switched to support DeSantis and that he received no financial benefit from the DeSantis endorsement. This statement by Reichman turns out to be a flat-out lie, as he clearly did benefit financially from endorsing DeSantis.

Iowa public records also show that on December 21st, 2023, Great American Comeback, a PAC directly associated with Ron DeSantis, donated $15,000 each to Iowa Senate President Amy Sinclair and Iowa State Rep. Matt Windschitl.

On May 14th, 2023, Amy Sinclair and Matt Windschitl wrote an op-ed in the Des Moines Register titled, “Why we, leaders of the Iowa Legislature, are endorsing Ron DeSantis For president.” Missing from Sinclair and Windschitl’s op-ed is the fact that they were expecting 15 thousand dollars each from Ron DeSantis’s Great American Comeback PAC.

Iowa public records also show on November 28th, 2023, the Great American Come Back PAC donated $5,000 to Iowa State Rep. Carter Nordman.

In November, Rep. Carter Nordman reposted a picture on his X account of a Ron DeSantis rally in Iowa. Nordman has not informed his followers that he received a nice payment from DeSantis’s PAC just as the holiday season was starting.

In August, Loomer reported, “Just as I exclusively reported and even made a video about,
@bobvanderplaats is not only a 3 time failed Iowa Gubernatorial candidate, but he also has a God complex and accepted a $50,000 bribe from the @NvrBackDown24 PAC to promote DeSantis in Iowa. Bob is a notorious Trump hater.”

Ron DeSantis has been able to build a war chest by accepting donations from Never Trumpers who are associated with the Bush Family. Never Back Down PAC, the super PAC that has spent millions of dollars supporting DeSantis in Iowa, has been able to build its war chest in the same way.

Iowa voters have seen right through DeSantis’s political paywall as President Trump’s lead in the Hawkeye state has grown since political figures in Iowa began endorsing DeSantis. Governor DeSantis is learning the hard way that a presidential candidate cannot buy out the people of Iowa. This is a major reason why Ron DeSantis is heading toward a huge defeat in the upcoming Iowa Caucus.

Charles Downs