The rape investigation into suspended Florida GOP Chairman Christian Ziegler took a darker turn Tuesday as more search warrant documents showing that Florida authorities are seeking a search warrant for Ziegler’s META accounts became available to the public. Florida authorities believe Ziegler committed the crime of Video Voyeurism. META owns Facebook and Instagram. Ziegler has locked his Instagram account. However, Ziegler’s Facebook account is filled with pro-DeSantis posts. The alleged rape victim disclosed to authorities that she had a threesome with Ziegler and his wife, Bridget Ziegler, before Christian’s alleged rape. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has called on Ziegler to resign as Florida GOP’s Chairman. However, there is growing outrage that DeSantis has not fired Bridget Ziegler from the Reedy Creek Board or the Sarasota School Board. DeSantis has spent most of his time in Iowa since the Ziegler scandal broke.

Loomer shared screenshots from the Sarasota Police Department’s warrant requesting a search of Ziegler’s META accounts, captioning the picture writing, “A search warrant was executed on the Facebook and Instagram accounts of Florida GOP Chairman @ChrisMZiegler Christian Ziegler on December 8th after a judge has found probable cause that Christian Ziegler committed FELONY VIDEO VOYEURISM in Florida by recording himself having sex with the woman who accused him of rape.”

Christian Ziegler’s Facebook account is filled with pro-DeSantis writing. In one post, Ziegler shared a video of himself refusing to endorse President Trump. The video continues with Ziegler thanking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for all the nice things he has done for Ziegler and his wife, including his wife’s appointment to the Reedy Creek Board. Ziegler ends the video by saying that his family is very close to Ron DeSantis.

In another post on his META account, Christian Ziegler shared a list of Florida School Board members that Ron DeSantis should fire. Interestingly, Ziegler believes his wife, who participates in threesomes, is “pro-parent” enough to be on the Sarasota County School Board. The fact that Ziegler was posting pro-DeSantis messaging and then using the same META accounts to send videos of alleged rape is just gross.


Floridians have been calling on Bridget Ziegler to resign from the Sarasota School Board. Loomer reported on December 12th, “The resolution passed 4-1 with only Ziegler voting no. At this point, @GovRonDeSantis  would have to remove her, since she’s not budging. Very arrogant on her part. Will  @RonDeSantis do the right thing and remove Bridget Ziegler? His leadership on this has been terrible. He’s giving her a pass because she’s friends with his wife @CaseyDeSantis@FloridaGOP is beyond corrupt.” 

Ron DeSantis has yet to fire Ziegler from the Sarasota School Board. This is highly embarrassing to the Florida Governor, considering that Zigeler’s own META account informed the world that DeSantis has the ability to fire school board members.

Since the Ziegler story broke, Ron DeSantis called on Ziegler to step down, remained silent on Ziegler’s wife Bridget, despite calls for her firing, and then jetted off to Iowa. DeSantis even chose to spend NYE in the Hawkeye State.

DeSantis’ mishandling of the Ziegler case is yet more proof that Ron DeSantis does not have the skills necessary to be President of the United States.