Loomer exposed that American Values 2024, a super PAC supporting RFK JR for President, shared a post about RFK JR’s end goal is to have his candidacy create a contingent election. A contingent election occurs when no candidate reaches the required 270 electoral votes needed to become President of the United States. The United States Congress picks the next president in a contingent election. Efforts to use RFK JR’s candidacy to create a contingent election seem vast, as Loomer previously reported that state of Nevada records show Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo is President of UnAuthorized, a 501C4 Nevada-based organization that “talks with RFK JR.”

Loomer shared a screenshot that showed American Values Pac sharing a post from Brandon Bolin that read, ” Lindsay Stevens from @AmValues2024 shows how #RFKr can block @realDonaldTrump and @JoeBiden from winning the 2024 Gen. Election by garnering 15 Electoral College Votes. A divided Congress selects the #POTUS; the Senate selects the VP. #Kennedy24.”

In another post, Loomer wrote, “Recently, it was announced that “American Values” @AmValues2024, a Super PAC which was created to support RFK’s presidential campaign, is planning to spend $15 MILLION to get him on the ballot in 10 key states that collectively carry 210 electoral votes that are needed to win the 2024 election, including: Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, New York, and Texas.”

FEC records show that the American Values 2024 Super PAC spent heavily in 2023 on efforts to promote RFK JR’s candidacy in ads that appeared in media like the Wall Street Journal.

Efforts to help RFK JR’s candidacy achieve a contingent election seem vast. Loomer reported that records from the state of Nevada show Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo is President of UnAuthorized. A video shows UnAuthorized Executive Director Matt Meck saying their organization “talks to RFK JR.” This, as polling from Michigan reveals that President Trump is beating Biden by 10 points without RFK JR on the state’s ballot and 8 points with RFK Jr on the ballot.


Suppose in the upcoming 2024 election, Trump wins Georgia and Wisconsin. Biden wins Pennsylvania, and RFK JR wins Michigan and Arizona, states the America Values Super PAC is investing resources in. With this scenario, the Electoral College vote would be Trump 262- Biden 250. If this happens, the United States Congress Picks the President. When Congress votes for the United States President, each House member votes as a state delegation. Each state delegation gets a single vote, and a candidate becomes president with the support of a majority (26) of state delegations.

If no candidate wins 26 state delegations by January 20th, then the vice president-elect, who, in this scenario, is selected by the United States Senate, becomes acting president. Given the United State’s Senate history of passing uniparty-supported bills, it’s impossible to see the U.S. Senate not electing a uniparty VP to then act as President of the United States while the U.S. House keeps voting for POTUS.


Democrats understand that Trump’s lead in the polls is real. That’s why the left is investing time and resources into countless election interference operations like RFK JR’s candidacy, which are designed to prevent the American people from choosing their next POTUS.