Wednesday night, Loomer shared an exclusive report that Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo is President of UnAuthorized, a 501C4 Nevada-based organization that works with grassroots and Democrat candidates. Following Loomer’s report, Karamo and UnAuthorized Executive Director Matt Meck told Loomer that Karamo left the organization in October. However, video evidence and records from the state of Nevada say otherwise. This would not be the first time Meck has lied; court records show Meck pleaded guilty to charges of mail fraud and making false statements to an agency of the United States. Calls for Karamo to resign are growing louder.

Following Loomer’s article, Michigan GOP Char Kristina Karamo put out a post on X that did not deny that she was President of UnAuthorized and that UnAuthorized worked with Democrats. However, Ms. Karamo attempted to distance herself from the organization, stating she was no longer president. UnAuthorized Executive Director Matt Meck echoed this, claiming Karamo left in October.

Loomer responded with a screen recording showing a search of UnAuthorized in the state of Nevada’s business records. These records stated that Karamo was President of UnAuthorized, even listing the phrase “active” next to the box where it states Karamo is president. Loomer informed Karamo she could come on her show if Karamo explained in writing why the State of Nevada still has her listed as the President of UnAuthorized. Karamo has yet to issue a response.

There is also video evidence to contradict Karamo’s claim that she was President of Unauthorized for only a “short time.” In a video interview posted on October 10th, 2023, Matt Meck said that Karamo was President of UnAuthorized, meaning Karamo was president of the organization for at least six months, and, more importantly, Karamo was definitely President of UnAuthorized and the Michigan GOP Chair at the same time.

Larger questions have arisen about the legality of UnAuthorized as Loomer points out, “Why, as the Chairwoman of the Michigan GOP @MIGOP, is @KristinaKaramo a part of an organization [UnAuthorized] that is telling Democrats and independents to schedule a consult in they are interested in running for office and is illegally telling these candidates how they can backdoor their funds for “tax write offs” with the Center for Security Policy while the group Unauthorized was not even approved by the IRS??”

Frank Gaffney, The Executive Chairman of the Center for Security Policy, posted on X that he never had discussions with the organization UnAuthorized like Meck claims.

This would not be the first time Meck has been involved in fraudulent activity. Court documents show Meck stole $215,000 from Northrop Grumman. Meck was fired from Northrop due to this. Meck “then applied for a job that required a security clearance. In seeking that clearance, he denied ever having been fired from any job or ever misusing a company credit card.”

Due to his actions, “Smith-Meck pleaded guilty to mail fraud, 18 U.S.C. §1341,and making false statements to an agency of the United States, 18 U.S.C. §1001(a)(2). The district court calculated his range under the Sentencing Guidelines at 21 to 27 months and imposed a 21-month sentence.”

Michigan’s 15 electoral votes could decide the 2024 election. Karamo’s decision to work with Meck, an individual with a criminal record, was enough on its own to force Karamo to resign as Michigan’s GOP Chair. The 2024 presidential election is too important. A critical swing state like Michigan must have a competent GOP Chair.

Charles Downs