Records from the state of Nevada show that Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo is President of UnAuthorized, a Nevada-based organization that works with Democrat candidates. Karamo’s habit of promoting Democrats is not just a one-time thing. The Failed Leadership of the Karamo Administration report states that the Michigan GOP Chair has empowered five individuals to make all the decisions for the organization. One of the individuals empowered by Karamo is Dan Hartman, who has a history of donating to Democrats. Worse, Karamo has mismanaged the Michigan GOP’s financials, driving the organization into debt. This has empowered Democrats to turn their election interference efforts towards Michigan, a state that will be critical in deciding the 2024 presidential election.

According to records from the state of Nevada, Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo is the President of UnAuthorized, a Nevada-based 501C4 organization formed in 2023 that works with both Republican and Democrat candidates.


Following publication, Matt Meck from UnAuthorized reached out to Laura Loomer and stated that Kristina Karamo is no longer with the organization. However, records from the state of Nevada say otherwise.

Matt Meck is the Executive Director of UnAuthorized. In a recent interview, Meck said, “We talk to RFK JR and grassroots Democrats,” referring to UnAuthorized’s openness to working with Democrats in the upcoming 2024 election.

Recent CNN polling in the state of Michigan shows Trump leading Biden by 10 points in the state when RFK Jr. is not on the ballot. However, the same poll shows Trump’s lead in Michigan is 8 points when RFK is on the ballot. So why is the Michigan GOP working for an out-of-state organization promoting a candidate that is hurting President Trump in Michigan?

Karamo’s history of helping and empowering Democrats goes beyond her time with UnAuthorized; the Failed Leadership of the Karamo Administration report states that Karamo has empowered Dan Hartman to make most of the decisions for the Michigan GOP. Records show that Hartman has a history of donating to Democrats in the past.

The Michigan GOP has been driven into financial ruin under Karamo’s leadership. The Failed Leadership of the Karamo Administration report states that the Michigan GOP only brought in a net profit of $71,000 between March and November of 2023 while running up debt of more than $600,000. 

The Michigan GOP’s financial issues are a prime reason why Democrats have decided to target Michigan with their election interference scheme. When Michigan AG Dana Nessel announced charges against 2020 Michigan attentive electors, the Michigan GOP released a statement full of questions. Missing from the statement was a financial commitment to back the defenses of those charged.

Then came Democrat attempts to remove Trump from the Michigan ballot. Democrats failed at the Michigan Supreme Court to achieve this, but it cannot be overlooked that top Michigan Democrats, like Elissa Slotkin, who is the font runner to be the Democrats U.S. Senate nominee for the state of Michigan, supported the efforts to kick Trump off of Michigan’s ballot.

Despite Karamo’s failures, RNC National Chairwoman Ronna Romney has not called on the Michigan GOP Chair to resign. Romney was the Michigan GOP Chairwoman before becoming the RNC’s National Chairwoman. Romney’s silence on Karamo is yet another example of her incompetence that has led many to call for her resignation or firing from the RNC Chair.

Karamo’s history of empowering Democrats, along with her financial incompetence, would lead many to believe that Karamo is intentionally sabotaging the Michigan GOP while it heads into a presidential election year. However, even if it’s incompetence and not intentional sabotage, Karamo’s financial disasters and history with UnAuthorized make it clear that the Michigan GOP must move on with a new chair.

Laura Loomer