On December 17th, 2023, I exclusively reported that Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz attended a dinner with DeSantis-ally, Nevada Republican Senator Adam Laxalt on the same day that President Trump held a rally for his supporters in Reno, Nevada. I received numerous calls from insiders warning me about Cruz’s support for Adam Laxalt, and other anti-Trump elements of the Republican Senate, controlled by Kentucky Senator, and lead RINO, Mitch McConnell. I exclusively reported that Jeff Roe, a political consultant and strategist who runs Adam Laxalt’s campaign apparatus in Nevada also controlled Ted Cruz’s failed Presidential campaign in 2016, giving speculators yet another connection between the DeSantis camp, Laxalt, and Ted Cruz.

Jeff Roe also served as a key strategist for the imploding Ron DeSantis Super PAC ‘Never Back Down’, eventually resigning from the organization on December 16th, 2023… just days ago. Senator Adam Laxalt was also a member of Never Back Down, serving as Chairman for the PAC, and stepped down from his position on December 2nd, 2023. Even Ron DeSantis’ closest political allies are jumping ship as the absentee Governor’s poll numbers continue to slip.

Despite the fact that President Trump holds a commanding lead in the Republican Primary polls heading into the Iowa Caucus, Senator Ted Cruz has yet to endorse President Donald Trump in his race against globalist Nikki Haley and absentee Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, leading many to believe that Cruz may be a closeted DeSantis supporter. Remember, Cruz attempted to challenge President Trump in the 2016 Election, failing in a similar fashion to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

President Trump addressed theses concerns in a Truth Social post made on December 19th, 2023, saying, “The Ron DeSanctimonious “team” of misfits and grifters has largely quit his campaign to go on to greener pastures. It has been a terrible experience for them as they have watched their candidate fall violently from the sky like a wounded bird. Jeff Roe, his ‘chief strategist’ and head of his PAC, “Always Back Down,” after having done major surgery on Ron’s wallet, couldn’t get out of town fast enough. Now Jeff can spend full time in Texas working with Ted Cruz, formerly known as Lyin’ Ted, who is working hard to get back the magic they had together in 2016″

Don’t you just love President Trump!

An examination of Ted Cruz’s public campaign finance data reveals a set of familiar donors that I have previously uncovered in other investigations. One man named Thomas Peterffy, who was among Cruz’s largest donors in the current election cycle, dumped some $3 Million into Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s PAC ‘Spirit of Virginia’. I covered this at the time, highlighting the fact that Peterffy has dumped a considerable mount of money into the coffers of both Mitch McConnell, and former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. I reported at the time, “An examination of Peterffy’s federal campaign finance data shows that he has dumped an exuberant amount of money into coffers controlled by Republican RINO Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, and Former Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. On February 23rd, 2023, Peterffy donated $289,100 to the National Republican Congressional Committee, formerly controlled by Kevin McCarthy. On the same day, Peterffy gave ‘Protect The House 2024’, a joint fundraising committee also formerly controlled by Kevin McCarthy an enormous donation of $703,700.”

Peterffy donated over $57,000 to Senator Ted Cruz in September of 2023. See evidence of that donation below…

While investigating the campaign finances of Senator Cruz, I came across donors to Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Ron DeSantis, but little evidence of high-level Trump supporting donors. One donor, Anne Brigham, who gave Cruz $57,300 on September 28th, 2023, has donated to Ron DeSantis’ Presidential campaign. See evidence of Brigham’s donation to Cruz, and DeSantis below…

There is, without a doubt, a tremendous overlap between donors to the anti-Trump establishment wing of the Republican Party, and Senator Ted Cruz. What role is Ted Cruz playing in the many different campaigns in the Republican Presidential Primary designed to attempt to derail President Trump, most specifically, the failing campaign of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis?

Cruz has a lot of evident ties to the DeSantis group, including Senator Adam Laxalt, who Cruz recently met for dinner in Nevada. Some of Cruz’s largest donors in this current election cycles are also DeSantis donors. The evidence simply begs the question…

Is Ted Cruz Supporting Ron DeSantis For President?