On September 27th, President Trump traveled to Clinton Township, Michigan, located just outside of Detroit, to give a speech pledging a Rust Belt renaissance. Since that speech, Democrats have intensified their election interference operation against Trump by kicking Trump off the Colorado ballot. Trump’s removal was spearheaded by CREW, an organization funded by George Soros.

Following the Colorado ruling, Free Speech for the People, a nonprofit with backers connected to Soros, petitioned the Michigan Supreme Court to remove Trump from Michigan’s ballot. On Thursday, Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin, who is the front-runner to be the Michigan Democrat 2024 nominee to the United States Senate, told CNN she supported efforts to kick Trump off the Michigan ballot. FEC records show the Soros family is funding Slotkin’s 2024 United States Senate campaign. Also on Thursday, the mainstream media attempted to make Trump’s perfect Wayne County Michigan phone call into a scandal, much like what the Democrats did with Trump’s Georgia call to Brad Raffensperger.

Elissa Slotkin told CNN on Thursday night that she supports efforts to remove Trump from the Michigan ballot. Slotkin is one of the most powerful Democrats in the state of Michigan.

Slotkin made her remarks following the Colorado Supreme Court’s removal of Trump from the ballot. The effort to remove Trump from the ballot was led by CREW, an organization funded by George Soros. Unsurprisingly, FEC records show Slotkin’s 2024 campaign donations are full of members from the Soros family. Peter Soros, George Soros’s nephew, donated to Slotkin in July. Jonathan Soros, one of George Soros’s sons, and Jonathan’s wife, Jennifer, have been donating to Slotkin since June.

Following the Colorado ruling, Free Speech for the People, another nonprofit leading the charge to remove Trump from the ballot, filed a petition to the Michigan Supreme Court to hear their case for Trump to be removed from the ballot. Free Speech for the People has a close working relationship with CREW. On Thursday, Free Speech for the People tagged CREW’s X account in a post about Colorado and future efforts to remove Trump from the ballot in other states.

Like clockwork, news broke Thursday night of a recording where Trump was asking Wayne County election officials not to certify the 2020 election results. Trump had the legal and moral authority to make this call. Wayne County, Michigan saw extremely high mail-in voting rates during the 2020 election. Biden received Obama-like numbers in Detroit. This result is extremely difficult to believe, considering Obama was America’s first Black president.

The Left’s election interference efforts really picked up steam following President Trump’s speech to Clinton Township, Michigan, which promised a Rustbelt Renaissance. Trump flipping the Rust Belt was key to his 2016 victory. In the 2016 election, Trump flipped 12 counties in Michigan from Blue to Red; most of those counties were located in the Rust Belt. Trump’s presidency was filled with successes for America’s working class, as his tariffs brought factories and jobs back to the United States.

Trump’s 2024 polling shows he is gaining more traction in the Rust Belt, especially with voters under 35 years old. Democrats know this is a danger to their hold on power. The Left will do whatever it takes to stop Trump, even if that means sacrificing the revitalization of America’s Rust Belt.

Charles Downs