Another day in Iowa leads to another disaster for Ron DeSantis in the Hawkeye State. DeSantis’s latest disaster came on Thursday when he visited Maccabee’s Jewish Deli in Des Moines, Iowa. During his visit, DeSantis was more interested in his personal book than he was in learning about Hamas hostage Hersh Goldberg-Polin, a 23-year-old Jewish American citizen whose family lives in South Florida. Hersh Goldberg-Polin was taken hostage on October 7th when Hamas viciously attacked a music festival in Israel. According to his family, Goldberg-Polin was attending the music festival on that date to celebrate his birthday. During his stop, DeSantis showed little interest when David Hirsch, a local Jewish author in Des Moines, Iowa, gifted his book Abraham Lincoln and the Structure of Reason to DeSantis at the deli. DeSantis also chewed with his mouth open, then left the Jewish Deli, telling his Orthodox Jewish guests, “Merry Christmas” on his way out.

Maccabee’s Jewish Deli in Des Moines, Iowa, was contacted the day before the event by DeSantis’s campaign asking if DeSantis could make a sandwich with the deli’s owner and Rabbi Yossi Jacobson, who then contacted Iowa and Florida resident, Steve Daniels, asking him to attend the event so he could give DeSantis the flyer that showed information about missing American citizen Goldberg-Polin, who is currently being held hostage by HAMAS in Gaza.

Video from the event shows DeSantis being handed Goldberg-Polin’s hostage photo and Daniels telling DeSantis, “he is an American kid.” DeSantis then callously responded by saying, “ok,” and os seen in teh vido giving the poster-magnet back to Daniels. Daniels looks shocked by the way DeSantis treated him in the video. Daniels then again attempted to hand DeSantis the poster of Goldberg-Polin. DeSantis, this time, took the poster and looked disinterested, as he handed it off to his staffer who was standing behind him.

As the video continues, another woman approaches DeSantis, holding a copy of DeSantis’s book. Unlike the individual holding the missing person poster of a HAMAS hostage with Florida ties, DeSantis has many questions for the woman about his book, even asking her if the book is authenticated because this book was a paperback, and not a hard copy. As all of this is happening, DeSantis is obnoxiously chewing a pastrami sandwich with his mouth open and ignoring his young son, who is standing right next to him. DeSantis is then gifted the book Abraham Lincoln and the Structure of Reason by David Hirsch, a Jewish author who lives in Iowa. DeSantis looks disinterested in the book and almost throws the book at his staffer and instructs his staffer to put the book in the car. The video ends with DeSantis telling the Jewish Deli customers and its Orthodox Jewish owners “Merry Christmas” on his way out.

DeSantis should have recognized Hersh Goldberg-Polin’s name immediately as Goldberg-Polin’s family has been covered continuously by South Florida media following Goldberg-Polin being taken hostage by Hamas on October 7th, 2023. Goldberg-Polin’s mom, Rachel Goldberg-Polin, wears a tag everywhere she goes on her shirt with the number of days her son has been missing, to bring awareness to her son’s plight, and the need for the hostages to be rescued. Rachel Goldberg-Polin has also given speeches at the United Nations and met with countless lawmakers about her son’s hostage situation. South Florida’s NBC Miami 6 recently did a story on Goldberg-Polin’s activism just before DeSantis visited the deli where was handed Goldberg-Polin’s hostage poster.

DeSantis’s lack of interest in Goldberg-Polin did not go unnoticed. Marni Hockenberg, a Jewish woman from Des Moines, Iowa whose grandparents were founding members of Iowa’s Tifereth Israel Synagogue, told Laura Loomer,

“I’m disgusted with politicians like Ron DeSantis who pander to the Jewish community for money and votes, but whose actions don’t support us and the security of Israel. DeSantis dismissed the poster of Goldberg-Polin, the Jewish Florida hostage like it was an annoyance rather than acknowledging the horrific fact that one of his own constituents is being held by terrorists in Gaza. He didn’t show one ounce of compassion for the family from his own state; he was more interested in signing a book and eating a pastrami sandwich with his mouth wide open. As a Jew, I am appalled by his insensitivity at a time when the Jewish community is grieving from the October 7th massacre and suffering from ferocious Jew hate in America.”

Hockenberg went on to say,

“President Trump has demonstrated unwavering support for Israel and our Jewish community! There is no doubt in my family’s mind that he is the only Presidential candidate who we can count on to protect the Jewish community and the sovereignty and security of Israel. His actions prove it! We will be first in line to caucus for President Trump in Iowa. A few years ago, there was a much different scenario at Maccabee Deli when Lara Trump and her team visited during a campaign stop in Des Moines. Lara was classy, gracious, and vocal about her support for Israel. The Trump family has a true heart for the Jewish people and the Jewish State of Israel. We appreciate it and don’t take it for granted.”

This is not the first time DeSantis failed to act after pandering to the Jewish community for money and votes. Following the October 7th attacks, DeSantis displayed pro-Israel rhetoric while allowing masked, and violent Hamas protesters to run wild in Florida. It is illegal to protest in Florida with a mask on. DeSantis failed to enforce the law, giving the Jew-hating, Palestinian Hamas protesters a pass to intimidate and harass Jews in Florida.

At November’s RNC Debate, DeSantis said he saved 700 lives with his flights from Israel to Florida. The Times of Israel bluntly rebuked DeSanits’s claims, writing, “No one was kidnapped into Gaza after October 7, though, so it’s unclear why DeSantis says that the charter flights he helped organized prevented additional hostages from being taken into Gaza.” Also, the rescue flights themselves were a disaster. Many of DeSantis’s rescue flights out of Israel stranded Americans in Cyprus.

Prior to the October 7th attacks, Loomer exposed masked Nazis who were terrorizing Florida residents on bridges and overpasses. The Nazis screamed anti-Semitic remarks towards Loomer and other Jewish and black passerbys. Even more concerning, Loomer exposed that one of the Florida Nazis, named Boneface, was charged with burglary with assault or battery in May of 2023. Florida authorities failed to set bail, allowing Mr. Boneface to return to his pro-Biden, Nazi protests where he and others were seen waving swastika flags and saluting Hitler.

From school board members to the President of the United States, every politician’s top job is to help with their constituents’ concerns. Hersh Goldberg-Polin’s family members live in Florida, which means they are Ron DeSantis’s constituents. If DeSantis had any interest in anyone but himself, he would have expressed this during his stop. DeSantis failed to perform the most basic political duty, in the most disrespectful way possible, further proving that he is not qualified to ever be President of the United States.

Laura Loomer