The United States of America is heading toward an unprecedented constitutional crisis following the Colorado State Supreme Court ruling that removed Trump from the Colorado ballot. CREW, an organization funded by Soros’s Open Society Foundation, led the effort to remove Trump from the Colorado ballot. More than 12 states have lawsuits pending attempting to kick Trump off the ballot. Following the Colorado ruling, Gavin Newsom’s second in command, California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis, instructed the California Secretary of State to attempt to remove Trump from California’s ballot, leading to a potentially major impact in California’s GOP presidential primary. The House GOP left for their Christmas break on December 14th without accomplishing anything to stop the Democrat’s 2024 election interference efforts.

California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis made clear that she would like President Trump removed from California’s ballot before the state’s December 28th filing deadline for California’s March 5th primary. This is a significant development as California has the most GOP delegates at stake. Loomered.com reported George Soros, Facebook, and Google have all given large contributions to Kounalakis. These corporations all played a significant role in the Democrats’ 2020 election interference. This all means that the most powerful actors in the Democrat Party are attempting to interfere in the GOP presidential primary in an attempt to stop Trump.

In the wake of the Colorado ruling, efforts to remove Trump from the ballot are now receiving serious backing from major political forces in 2024 battleground states as well. Michigan Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin, who is the Democrats’ well-positioned front runner to be the Left’s U.S. Senate nominee in Michigan, said on CNN Thursday that it made sense for the Colorado State Supreme Court to remove Trump from the ballot. Slotkin went on to support the efforts to remove Trump from the Michigan ballot. Currently, Free Speech for the People is appealing a case to the Michigan State Supreme Court about having Trump removed from the ballot.

Democrats’ lawless prosecutions of Trump are reaching a fever pitch as well. Last week, a J6 Committee member lied to Loomer Unleashed and America, saying that the J6 Committee did not delete its files. Some of the files that the J6 Committee deleted pertained to the committee’s communications with Fulton County DA Fani Willis.

In November, Fulton County DA Fani Willis refused to answer Loomer Unleashed questions about her coordination with the Biden White House and other top Democrats. Willis was asked these questions as she was leaving a fundraiser thrown in her honor at the same building as the Washington Post.

The House GOP has done nothing to stop the Democrats’ 2024 election interference. Instead, the House GOP has passed continuing resolutions that found Jack Smith and NDAA Billis with FISA court funding attached to them. Even more infuriating, the Colorado State Supreme Court justices who voted Trump off the ballot informed the House GOP of their racist woke ideology back in 2021. GOP members knew what was coming and did nothing to prevent it.

With a major constitutional crisis coming; the House GOP decided to take their winter break starting on December 15th. Loomer put the House GOP’s decision to take a vacation perfectly, writing, “Why do members of Congress get a 3-week holiday vacation? This is absurd. We are losing our country and they are all just abandoning their duties for 3 weeks after they vote today. Why do they need so many days for vacation? It should infuriate all of you how selfish they are.”

America’s founding fathers gave the United States House of Representatives the power of the purse to hold an out-of-control executive government in check. The House GOP’s 2023 failure to hold Democrats accountable for their 2024 election interference efforts is not just a letdown to MAGA, but a letdown to America’s rule of law as well.

Charles Downs