Gavin Newsom’s second in command, California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis, informed California Secretary of State Shirley Weber to explore every legal option to remove Trump from the California ballot following the Colorado State Supreme Court ruling that kicked Trump off the Colorado ballot. This is a big deal, as California has the most GOP primary delegates at stake. Facts have strongly been pointing to California Governor Gavin Newsom becoming the Democrat 2024 nominee. Alex Soros, who funded the Colorado effort to remove Trump from the ballot, has called Newsom the USA’s greatest leader. Facts are pointing to Alex Soros using all the levers of power available to him to install Gavin Newsom as President of the United States.

Kounalakis’s letter to Shirley Weber begins with, “Based on the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling in Anderson v. Griswold (2023 CO 63), I urge you to explore every legal option to remove former President Donald Trump from California’s 2024 presidential primary ballot.”

Kounalakis’s letter makes it absolutely clear to Weber that they should work to kick Trump off the California ballot before the GOP Primary, writing, “Time is of the essence as your announcement of the certified list of candidates for the March 5, 2024, primary election is coming up next week, on December 28, 2023.” 

California has the most GOP delegates at play, meaning if President Trump is kicked off the California ballot, his chances of winning the GOP nomination are lowered. Democrats are essentially interfering in the GOP’s presidential primary.

Alex Soros’s Open Society Foundation funds CREW, the organization that led the effort to remove President Trump from the Colorado ballot.

Interestingly, Alex Soros has referred to Gavin Newsom as “the USA’s Greatest Leader.”

Loomered.com has been leading the charge in exposing Newsom’s shadow campaign for the 2024 election. For starters, the 2024 DNC rules are written in a way that Joe Biden could win every state primary election, and Newsom could still win the DNC nomination on the first ballot as long as Biden announces his retirement before August’s DNC Convention. All that would be needed following Biden’s retirement announcement would be for the DNC Secretary to approve Newsom’s name for the 2024 DNC Convention’s ballot.

Loomer was the first to report that Alex Soros owns Taylor Swift’s first six albums. Since Soros acquired Swift’s music, Swift has attacked Trump with lies such as “Trump is against equal pay for women”

Even Joe Biden has attempted to praise Taylor Swift, but he confused her with both Britney Spears and Beyoncé. This may be why the powers that run the Democrat Party selected Newsom and not Biden to travel to China to meet with Xi Jinping.

Loomered.com also exposed the racist anti-Trump judges sitting on the Colorado State Supreme Court. Alex Soros likely knew these judges were racist and anti-Trump, and that is why Soros decided to test his remove Trump from the 2024 ballot election interference operation in Colorado.

Facts are pointing to Alex Soros clearing the deck of competition to install his bff Gavin Newsom as President of the United States.

Charles Downs