Alex Soros’s 2024 election interference operation succeeded in temporarily removing President Trump from the Colorado ballot. The “nonprofit” organization CREW spearheaded the effort to remove Trump from the ballot in Colorado. George Soros’s Open Society Foundation funds Crew. George Soros has placed Alex Soros in command of all Soros family businesses and nonprofits. On Monday, Loomer Unleashed reported that Soros’s Open Society Foundation is receiving American taxpayer funds. The Trump campaign announced they would appeal Colorado’s decision to the United States Supreme Court, setting the case for the SCOTUS to hear and issue an emergency ruling on the matter.

The critical section of Colorado’s Supreme Court ruling reads, “A majority of the court holds that President Trump is disqualified from holding the office of President under Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

Colorado’s State Supreme Court ruling overrules a ruling by Colorado District Judge Sarah Wallace that stated President Trump can remain on the Colorado ballot. Judge Wallace made this ruling on November 17th.

The organization leading the effort to cancel Trump from the Colorado ballot is Crew. Back in October, Loomer shared a video of Crew’s founding Executive Director, Melanie Sloan, admitting that George Soros funds the Crew organization. George Soros has empowered Alex Soros to run all Soros family businesses and nonprofits.

Around the same time, Loomer also reported that Evan McMullin and Claire McCaskill are Crew board members. McMullin ran as an independent presidential candidate in 2016 in an attempt to help Hillary Clinton win the White House. McCaskill is a former Democrat United States Senator who once accused Trump and Putin of founding ISIS, saying, “So you can say Trump and his friend Putin are the founders of ISIS.” Both McCaskill and McMullin also pushed the debunked Trump-Russia Collusion narrative on the American people.

Following the ruling, the Trump campaign issued a statement that they would appeal the Colorado State Supreme Court’s ruling to the United States Supreme Court. Given the Colardo presidential primary takes place in March and the United States Supreme Court issues rulings in May and June, the United States Supreme Court will likely take this case on an emergency basis. It is important to note that Democrats like Chuck Schumer constantly threaten the Supreme Court Justice’s safety and threaten the Supreme Court itself with court-packing in order to bend the Supreme Court to the left’s will for major cases like these.

On Monday, Loomer Unleashed reported that records reveal that American taxpayer money is funding Alex and George Soros’s Open Society Foundation via an organization called the National Endowment for Democracy, which is funded with Congressional appropriations (American taxpayer dollars) that top $300 million a year.

Alex Soros’s multimillion-dollar election interference scam looks to be heading to the Supreme Court of the United States. The worst part is that 74 million plus Americans who plan on voting for President Trump in 2024 are financially helping Soros achieve his election interference goals.

Charles Downs