Following Politico and Business Insider reporter Jacqueline Sweet’s failed attempts to discredit Loomer’s bombshell reporting on Democrat U.S. Senator Ben Cardin’s Legislative Aide Aidan Maese-Czeropski, who was the individual involved in the sex tape filmed in the Halls of Congress. Loomer revealed that Jacqueline Sweet has an extremely promiscuous side job, reporting that Sweet has an OnlyFans account and has advertised herself on a website that appears to sell escort services. Sweet’s article focus for Politico and Business Insider was on George Santos. 

Loomer captioned Jacqueline Sweet’s post that was defending Aidan Maese Czeropski and criticizing her reporting on the matter with screenshots of an X account and OnlyFans account known as @LaVitaDolce9. This account belongs to Jacqueline Sweet. Loomer wrote, “PS: Why are you defending Aidan for his sex tape inside the US Senate? Is it because you also have an OnlyFans under the name ‘LaVitaDolce9’?”

This story becomes more disturbing as Jacqueline Sweet’s @LaVitaDolce9 account is also listed on a website called Nude P****.com under the website’s “Meet and F***” section. Loomer captioned this information by writing, “I also have all of the screenshots from an account under her name under the “meet and f**k” section. She said I don’t get scoops. But I think this is a scoop.”

Jacqueline Sweet’s X profile, which relates to her journalism profession, reads, “Investigative journo covering LI, NYC and more. “You’re not God, my father or my boss.” George Santos’ BFF. Work in @POLITICO, @MotherJones, @BusinessInsider.” It is important to note that Sweet locked her journalist account after information regarding her OnlyFans account broke.

Jacqueline Sweet’s LinkedIn contains articles she wrote for Politico relating to George Santos.

Records from Business Insider show Sweet also wrote for that publication on news relating to George Santos.

Sweet’s writings about Santos are critical as Sweet was allegedly in a sexual relationship with a high-ranking Santos staffer. Loomer asked Politico and Business Insider, “Isn’t having sex with someone to get a story what you call unethical journalism? Are you running a Prostitution ring out of your newsrooms?” 

Jacqueline Sweet deleted her OnlyFan account and made her journalist account private following Loomer’s bombshell reporting. George Santos responded to Sweet deleting her OnlyFans account, posting, ” Don’t worry, I have enough from that page in case she tries to dispute it was her! LOL.”

Santos also expressed eagerness to appear on Loomer Unleashed to reveal more details about Jacqueline Sweet. 

Last week, it was a gay sex tape in the Halls of the United States Senate. This week, it’s a mainstream media journalist who is also an OnlyFans creator, Loomer, perfectly summarized what most Americans are feeling after reading the recent news, “I know it’s so bad. How do you think I feel? I don’t even get hazard pay. My phone is now full of porn from gay Senate staffers and “freelance journalists” who are also @OnlyFans onlyfans hoes. I need to get some medical care for my eyes and stomach. I need Hazard Pay ASAP!”

As powerful globalists continue to falsely attack Trump and his supporters for being immoral, Loomered.com will continue to lead the charge in exposing that, in reality, it’s the globalists and not Trump supporters who are the real immoral ones in the United States of America.