Things have not been going well for Never Back Down PAC since Loomer’s bombshell article revealing that Ron DeSantis’ “Great American Comeback” slogan is a retired slogan from failed congressional candidate Yelsi Vega, whose campaign was run by Axiom Strategies. Ken Cuccinelli and Jeff Roe, who run Axiom Strategies, were also senior Never Back Down PAC staffers. Since Loomer’s article was published, Roe has stepped down from his Never Back Down PAC position, and a complaint has been filed to the FEC about  Ron DeSantis’ Presidential campaign and Never Back Down PAC for illegal coordination.

News broke Monday afternoon that the Campaign Legal Center filed an FEC complaint regarding illegal coordination between the Never Back Down PAC and the DeSantis campaign. Loomer captioned the documents, writing, “It’s illegal for campaigns and PACs to coordinate. I have been calling @RonDeSantis and his PAC out for this before he even filed to run in May. Glad others have finally caught on to what I exposed 11 months ago!”

In July, a video surfaced that strongly indicates that Ron DeSantis was using a Never Back Down credit card, which is illegal. In the video, DeSantis approaches the bar, and the bartender informs him they have a card on file. DeSantis then asks, “Whose credit card?” The waitress responds with, “Never Back Down.” DeSantis then continues to order drinks despite the fact that his acceptance of free drinks from Never Back Down PAC is illegal.

Also in July, Loomer exposed that Never Back Down Pac gave a donation of $50,000 to Bob Vander Plaats’ organization.

Vander Plaats then endorsed DeSantis. Following his endorsement of DeSantis, Vander Plaats admitted that Never Back Down’s donation to his organization played a role in the endorsement. Vander Plaats’s endorsement has not helped DeSantis in Iowa Caucus polling as many Iowa voters are disgusted with the corruption between DeSantis, Never Back Down, and Bob Vander Plaats.

It was also revealed that Never Back Down PAC and the DeSantis campaign illegally coordinated at an elite retreat in Utah. Loomer wrote, “However, as you can see from Brooke’s Instagram post, she says she and her husband, along with the other bundlers, donors and investors DIRECT QUOTE “spent time with the Super PAC @NvrBackDown24 to learn about the campaign boots on the ground and fundraising strategy and needs.”

Then came Loomer’s bombshell article in November revealing that DeSantis’ “Great American Comeback” was already used by failed 2022 Congressional candidate Yelsi Vega. Vega’s campaign was run by Ken Cuccinelli, Jeff Roe, and Cuccinelli-Roe’s Axiom Strategies. Following the Vega campaign, Ken Cuccinelli started the Never Back Down PAC and brought Axiom Strategies founder Jeff Roe to the PAC. Roe quit Never Back Down PAC over the weekend.  

President Trump commented on Jeff Roe’s departure from Never Back Down, posting to TruthSocial, “Jeff Roe is out—GAME OVER for DeSanctimonious.”

Never Back Down PAC is crashing and burning just before the Iowa Caucus. America can thank Loomer for shutting down DeSantis’ large illegal campaign operation known as the Never Back Down PAC.

Charles Downs