Another week, another Team DeSantis disaster in Iowa, this time with their handling of the Satanic Statue on Iowa Capitol grounds. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, who has endorsed Ron DeSantis, refused to have any discussions about removing the Satanic Statue from Iowa’s Capitol grounds. Reynolds, who has the power to pardon, has also not promised to pardon Michael Cassidy, the individual who was charged with crimes after removing the Satanic Statue from the Iowa Capitol. It gets worse as Iowa State Representative Jon Dunwell, who supports DeSantis and regularly attacks President Trump, defended the Satanic Statue. This is as records from the Florida State Capitol reveal that in 2019, Ron DeSantis’ Florida government allowed American Atheists, a group with sympathetic ties to the Church of Satan, to display a banner in the Florida State Capitol during Christmas Season.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ official website states, “The Governor has the authority to grant a pardon for any conviction in an Iowa court, except treason and cases of impeachment.” Governor Reynolds has yet to pledge to pardon Michael Cassidy, the individual facing charges after he removed the Satanic Statute from Iowa Capitol grounds.

Despite massive outrage from Iowans, Governor Reynolds released a weak statement lacking any pledge for action on the Satanic Statue. The statement read, “Like many Iowans, I find the Satanic Temple’s display in the Capitol absolutely objectionable. In a free society, the best response to objectionable speech is more speech, and I encourage all those of faith to join me today in praying over the Capitol and recognizing the nativity scene that will be on display – the true reason for the season.”

Notably missing from Governor Reynolds’ statement is a commitment to work with Iowa State legislators to remove the statue.

Iowa State Representative Jon Dunwell defended the Satanic Statue, posting on X, ” My observation as an Iowan and a State Representative, I don’t want the state evaluating and making determinations about religions. I am guided by the First Amendment of the US Constitution.”

Unsurprisingly, Representative Jon Dunwell has endorsed Ron DeSantis, posting to X, “It’s Caucus Season in Iowa. It’s about meeting the candidates, discussing issues, debating differences…and trying to find the best person to defeat President Biden (something we all agree on). I’m all in for @RonDeSantis. Every day that passes, my support grows. How about you?”

Representative Dunwell also posted about Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ endorsement of DeSantis.

Dunwell has even attacked President Trump, posting false claims about Trump’s mental capabilities, writing, “Hey, someone tell President Trump it is 2023. He appears to be a bit confused…again. Names, cities, and dates can be challenging, especially later in the evening. We need a President who is looking at today, tomorrow, and the future. We need @RonDeSantis.”

Ron DeSantis has personally done a poor job at standing up to organizations openly sympathizing with the Satanic Temple. Florida records show that in 2019, American Atheists were allowed to display banners in the Florida Capitol during the Christmas season.

American Atheists are an organization that is sympathetic to the Church of Satan with X posts that read, “In the Satanic Temple’s holiday sculpture at the Illinois Capitol, Eve entices visitors with the fruit of knowledge. How do you like them apples?”

In another post, the group wrote, “Don’t want a satanic display in your state house? Easy solution: Don’t have a Christian display!”

Ron DeSantis and his elected supporters in Iowa are once again proving President Trump right. Most politicians are all talk but no action.

Charles Downs