Loomer is leading the charge in exposing a significant 2024 election interference plot revolving around FISA. On December 7th, Loomered.com published an article titled “Fears of Steele Dossier 2.0 as Speaker Johnson Looks to Extend FISA into 2024 Election Season,” highlighting that the Congressional Leadership PAC backing then-Speaker McCarthy supports Speaker Johnson. Donors to this PAC include Paul Singer, the Washington Free Beacon owner who funded Fusion GPS, the organization that wrote the disproven Steele Dossier, which was used at a FISA Court to obtain a warrant to spy on President Tump’s 2016 campaign. On Thursday, the last day Congress was in session, 147 members of the House GOP helped pass the NDAA, which included funding for the FISA Courts.

Some of the 147 House Republicans who voted yes on Thursday’s NDAA that funded the FISA courts heading into the 2024 election include Dan Crenshaw, who can be reached at (202) 225-6565, former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who is now basically retired as Thursday was the last session of Congress for the year, and current Speaker Mike Johnson who can be reached at 202-225-2777.

Loomer posted a picture of all 147 House Republicans who helped Democrats fund the FISA Courts, captioning the picture with, “our new Speaker of the House @SpeakerJohnson. Mike Johnson and 146 other Republicans in Congress just passed the NDAA, which authorizes $600 million more to Ukraine. Time to remove MAGA from “MAGA Mike’s” nickname. He was never MAGA to begin with. Here’s the text from the bill and the list of names of the 147 GOP reps who voted for this today.”

On December 7th, Loomer reported that Speaker Johnson struck an agreement with Congressional Democrats to fund the FISA courts in the NDAA.

On that same date, Loomered.com published the article “Fears of Steele Dossier 2.0 as Speaker Johnson Looks to Extend FISA into 2024 Election Season.” This article highlighted that On October 30th, shortly after becoming House Speaker, Mike Johnson endorsed the Congressional Leadership PAC, which was previously supporting Kevin McCarthy. Donors to CFL PAC include Never Trumper Ken Griffin and Paul Singer, who hired Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on President Trump during the 2016 GOP primary. Following the primary, Fusion GPS took their work and gave it to Hillary Clinton, who then turned the fake opposition research into the fake Steele Dossier, which was used in secret FISA courts to obtain a warrant to spy on Trump’s campaign.

Thursday’s passage of the NDAA sets the stage for a 2016 repeat in the 2024 election. As polling shows President Trump’s lead continues to grow, Democrats will increasingly become more desperate to stop Trump by any means necessary. Democrats’ history of willingness to abuse the United States legal system in an attempt to interfere in the 2016, 2020, and 2024 elections is a clear indication that spying on Trump’s 2024 campaign is probably part of the Left’s next move.

As the Democrats continue to ramp up their election interference operation, Loomered.com will continue to lead the charge in exposing the Left’s lies and deceptions.