Loomered Unleashed captured exclusive video on Tuesday of Volodymyr Zelensky’s arrival at the United States Capitol. The Video shows the United States Capitol Complex closed to American citizens. This is highly unusual as the Capitol Complex usually remains open to the public when world leaders and America’s Vice President visit the United States Capitol. Zelensky will be demanding billions more dollars from United States taxpayers in meetings with members of Congress.

Video from Tuesday shows January 6th like barricades set up around the United States Capitol Complex. The barricades were set up at an angle that forced anyone walking on the sidewalk to walk on the street. Written on the barricades was ” Members, staff and official visitors only.” Sadly, the tax-paying American public did not qualify to be official visitors on Tuesday. The video continues, showing American families confused as to why their children can not have a tour of their United States Capitol Complex. As the video ends, law enforcement instructs everyone there, including Downs, to stand still as Zelensky’s motorcade enters the U.S. Capitol Complex.

Loomer captioned the video, writing, “WATCH: @LoomerUnleashed was on the scene today outside of the US Capitol when Zelensky arrived. The entire Capitol is blocked off with barricades and is closed for the time that Zelensky is inside. Our lawmakers are keeping the public out while @ZelenskyyUa panhandles inside.”

The U.S. Capitol Visitors Center website says, “Wednesday, December 13, Due to a special event, certain rooms in the historic Capitol will be closed to tours.” However, nowhere on the website did it inform American citizens that the United States Capitol Visitor Center would be closed on Tuesday, December 12th. It seems those running the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center website may have gotten the dates mixed up. Either way, this is an embarrassment as American taxpaying families visiting D.C. expecting to see the U.S. Capitol were figuratively and literally left out in the cold.

During his meetings on the Hill, Zelensky will be demanding millions more dollars in American taxpayer aid. Usually, when Congress meets and decides on funding, all buildings in the U.S. Capitol Complex are open to the public. It’s extremely rare for the United States Capitol Complex to close to the public on a weekday.

Interestingly, on January 6th, the United States Capitol was closed to the public due to “covid” and the time after January 6th, the Capitol was closed due to “security concerns.” Then House Speaker Pelosi played the key role in determining the Capitol’s schedule. The Capitol was closed to the public until the GOP took back the House in 2022. This is all-important to note because Speaker Johnson, like then-Speaker Pelosi, has an essential say on whether the Capitol is open or closed to the public. So why did Speaker Johnson allow Zelensky to receive VIP treatment on Tuesday?

Whether it’s Zelensky’s billions of dollars in demands or a vote on January 6th, our leaders running the U.S. Congress have made clear that the American public is not welcome when Congress makes critical decisions.

Charles Downs