St. Lucie County Republican voters are outraged over Ron DeSantis’ appointment of Keith Pearson to be the county’s next Sheriff. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigated Mr. Pearson for election fraud for helping the Democrat St. Lucie County Sheriff, Ken Mascara, win reelection in 2020. St. Lucie County is the location of Jack Smith’s classified documents trial against President Trump. To say that Sheriff Pearson is now playing a key role in President Trump’s safety is an understatement. Loomer revealed many within the St. Lucie County GOP fear for President Trump’s safety following DeSantis’ appointment of Pearson.

Loomer reported many within the St. Lucie County GOP are worried about President Trump’s safety in his upcoming trial, given Mr. Pearson and DeSantis’ background, writing, “The Republican Executive Committee in St. Lucie is completely against this new pick for Sheriff and they have accused him of corruption. My tip line has been on fire about this new Sheriff. Republican leaders have told me they think Pearson being Sheriff jeopardizes President Trump’s safety given that the Sherriff was hand selected by @RonDeSantis in an election year. DeSantis and Pearson reportedly had a closed door meeting and then DeSantis made him Sheriff.”

Keith Pearson was investigated for voter fraud by The Florida Department of Law Enforcement. As a deputy in St. Lucie County, Pearson allegedly ran a shadow campaign to undermine the St. Lucie County GOP nominee for Sheriff. This shadow campaign resulted in Democrat St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara winning reelection in 2020.

The allegations of fraud have horrified the St. Lucie County Republican Party, who released a statement scolding DeSantis for his pick of Pearson. Part of the statement reads, “We Demand the Removal of Sheriff Pearson! The new St. Lucie sheriff has been appointed by our governor with zero notice, no open applicant process skipping over higher ranked deputies, in what looks like a scheme by former sheriff Mascara to put his preferred guy as incumbent for the 2024 election. And the next business day after finding out 30 minutes before it was announced, Pearson filed to run for sheriff in 2024. Wow that’s quick. Did we mention the Florida Department of Law Enforcement report implicating Sheriff Pearson in a scheme to illegally influence the outcome of the 2020 sheriff election in St. Lucie.”

Pearson is the latest in a list of questionable appointment decisions Governor DeSantis has made. Earlier this year, DeSantis appointed Bridget Ziegler to the Reedy Creek Board, a project DeSantis sold to the GOP, claiming Disney was stripped of power in Florida. However, Disney stripped the Reedy Creek Board of their power, proving DeSantis’ claims to be false. To make matters worse for DeSantis, Bridget Ziegler’s husband, Christian, who heads the Florida GOP, was accused of rape. Bridget Ziegler admitted to police that she had threesomes with Christian’s accuser.

The central question remaining is if Governor DeSantis is intentionally making appointments with sabotage in mind or if the Governor of Florida is really that poor at picking personnel. One thing is for certain, DeSantis’ poor personal choices have resulted in making President Trump and Floridians less safe.