Significant questions about Biden-CCP collusion arose Monday following a cyber attack on Rumble that left many users unable to access any content on the pro-Trump leaning site. Interestingly, the Washington Post reported Monday that the United States infrastructure was the victim of a massive CCP cyber attack. In 2019, United States Senator Chuck Grassley wrote a letter to then-Secretary of the Department of Treasury Steven Mnuchin on Hunter Biden’s involvement with BHR, a company that ended up doing business with Aviation Industry Corporation of China, a CCP-owned company specializing in air and technology. Democrats always accuse Trump of what they are guilty of, so when the Left falsely accuses Trump of colluding with a foreign power, one can assume these are the actions elected Democrats are actually doing. Rumble being down greatly helps Biden’s, or whoever the Democrats run, chance of 2024 election victory.

Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski posted on Monday, “I can confirm that this attack has been unprecedented and has been happening since this weekend. I also suspect it is political, coming from activists and/or organizations who want to censor our creators, and related to J6 videos being posted on Rumble.”

Oddly, the Washington Post reported on Monday that the Chinese Communist Party is currently engaging in a massive cyber attack on the United States. Although so far critical infrastructure has remained in tact, websites like Rumble have completely crashed.

The Biden White House has close family ties to the CCP military-industrial complex, which is capable of carrying out such a cyber attack. In a 2019 letter to then Secretary Mnuchin, Senator Grassley wrote, “BHR was formed in November of 2013 by a merger between the Chinese-government linked firm, Bohai Capital, and a company named Rosemont Seneca Partners.” Grassley’s letter then revealed Rosemont Seneca Partners was formed by many close family members currently in the Biden White House, including Hunter Biden, “Rosemont Seneca was reportedly formed in 2009 by Hunter Biden, the son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, Chris Heinz, the stepson of former Secretary of State John Kerry, and others.”

Grassley’s letter also revealed that once the merger was complete, Hunter Biden brought the Big Guy to China, “in December of 2013, one month after Rosemont Seneca’s merger with Bohai Capital to form BHR, Hunter Biden reportedly flew aboard Air Force Two with his father, then-Vice President Biden to China. While in China, he helped arrange for Jonathan Li, CEO of Bohai Capital, to “shake hands” with Vice-President Biden. Afterward, Hunter Biden met with Li for reportedly a “social meeting.”

Following the merger, BHI started doing business with the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, a CCP-owned business specializing in aerospace and technology. A company like AIC would be a prime suspect in any CCP hacking or sabotage of American cyberinfrastructure.

Would Biden White House staff direct their friends over at the Aviation Industry Corporation of China to attack websites that lean pro-Trump? Well, Democrats do have a history of blaming Trump for what the Left is guilty of. When Democrats falsely accuse Trump of foreign collusion, it’s a pretty safe bet that is what the Left is really up to.

Charles Downs