With the Iowa Caucus almost one month away, polling from the Des Moines Register released on Monday shows President Trump holding a 32-point lead over Ron DeSantis and a 35-point lead over Nikki Haley in the Hawkeye State. Globalists have been pouring resources into both DeSantis’ and Haley’s campaigns in an attempt to win Iowa. Des Moines Register polling clarifies that no matter how much money is spent, Iowans understand that President Trump is the only candidate running on America First Policies.

CNN Polling released on Monday shows President Trump beating Joe Biden in the swing states of Michigan and Georgia. Young voters under 45 years old are the driving demographic helping President Trump achieve leads in these states. This has been a common theme as most national polls show Trump beating Biden with voters under 35 years old.

Des Moines Register Polling shows Donald Trump at 51%, Ron DeSantis at 19%, Nikki Haley at 16%, Vivek Ramaswamy at 5%, and Chris Christie at 4%. Team DeSantis claimed that the endorsement of Bob Vander Plaats and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds would help Ron in Iowa polling. However, Trump has become more popular in the Hawkeye State since Reynolds and Vander Plaats endorsed DeSantis. The Des Moines Register poll shows that Trump’s Iowa numbers have increased by 8 points since October 2023.

Ron DeSantis’ anti-farming policies have been exposed to the people of Iowa. DeSantis’ congressional voting record shows he opposed ethanol. As Governor, DeSantis vetoed millions in farm subsidies. DeSantis also told his elite donors he was against President Trump’s America First Tariffs, which helped American farmers receive $28 billion.

Many Iowa voters viewed Bob Vander Plaats’ endorsement of Ron DeSantis as corrupt, as Loomer first reported over the summer that Team DeSantis was paying Vander Plaat’s organization.

Expect DeSantis’ Iowa numbers to drop even lower as Casey DeSantis encouraged non-Iowa residents to participate in voter fraud in the upcoming Iowa Caucus.

Nikki Haley was recently endorsed by the Koch Network’s Americans for Prosperity Action, an organization that has fought President Trump’s tariffs. Loomer also exclusively reported Haley’s campaign is being funded by mega Hillary Clinton donors. However, the globalists’ money is backfiring on DeSantis and Haley, as Iowa polling shows Trump has only grown in popularity since DeSantis and Haley’s globalist-funded attacks against MAGA.

Team Trump received more good polling news Monday as CNN polling shows President Trump leading Biden in Michigan by 10 points and in Georgia by 8 points. The same poll shows voters under 45 years old breaking for Trump by 10 points in Georgia and by 11 points in Michigan.

Democrats have become increasingly concerned about young voters supporting President Trump. This is the primary reason why Alex Soros unleashed Taylor Swift to attack MAGA in the 2018 and 2020 elections. In recent weeks, Swift has won Time Magazine’s Person of the Year and has been openly embraced by Joe Biden and other leading Democrat figures, setting the stage for Swift’s 2024 MAGA attacks.

Before President Trump’s 2016 victory, very few believed a Republican presidential candidate could gain the support of working-class Americans and young American voters. President Trump’s broad MAGA coalition continues to defy all political odds.

The 2024 election polling is proving that the American people are smarter than paid endorsements and corny globalist-funded election ads. As Trump’s poll numbers continue to rise, expect the Democrats to enhance their election interference efforts.

Charles Downs