Jenna Ellis, her self proclaimed legal career, her image as some type of devout Christian woman, and even her odd personal life can be summarized with one simple phrase… “Fake it, till you make it.”

Jenna Ellis sells herself to the American public as a kind-hearted Christian woman. And of course, let’s not forget how she pretended to be a Trump supporter in the aftermath of the stolen 2020 Presidential election in an effort to gain favor with the same Trump supporters she continuously bashed in 2016 when Donald Trump first ran for President. Regardless of the many layers of concealer that Jenna uses to coverup her lack of qualifications and her mean spirited core, her opportunistic and disloyal true nature continues to shine through.

So, who is Jenna Ellis and why does she even matter? In short, Jenna Ellis somehow managed to trick her way from being a Trump hater, failed attorney, to unfortunately representing President Trump when it mattered the most to our Country, and she did so without having any actual meaningful qualifications while mis-representing her resume.

And now, as President Trump is in the middle of running for re-election for the 2024 Presidential election, Jenna Ellis is once again misrepresenting herself in an effort to interfere in the election by flipping on Donald Trump and agreeing to be a witness against him in Fulton County, Georgia at the command of the crooked, communist Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis.

After months of scamming donations from kind hearted MAGA supporters to the tune of $216K following her indictment, which she said she intended to fight, Ellis took the money, and made a plea deal with Fanni Willis in which she agreed to testify against President Trump. On 10/24/2023, Jenna Ellis plead guilty to the charge that Fani Willis brought against her and read a statement aloud in court while crying.

Ellis promptly removed her pinned donation post on X and replaced it with a bible verse. See a clip of Ellis crying below…

WATCH HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5joBZBgZSc

“I believe in and I value election integrity,” she went on. “If I knew then what I know now, I would have declined to represent Donald Trump in these post-election challenges.”

Ellis concluded through more crocodile tears, “For those failures of mine, your honor, I have taken responsibility already before the Colorado bar, who censured me. And I now take responsibility before this court and apologize to the people of Georgia.”

The deal endorses a sentence of five years of probation, $5,000 in restitution, and 100 hours of community service — in exchange for having no contact with the media or co defendants and cooperating and testifying at other trials in the 19-person RICO case  —   potentially including that of Trump. Trump attorney Steve Sadow called out the plea deal for what it is, a farce. “For the fourth time, Fani Willis and her prosecution team have dismissed the RICO charge in return for a plea to probation,” Sadow said, referring also to a plea deal given to pro-Trump activist Scott Hall last month. “What that shows is this so-called RICO case is nothing more than a bargaining chip for Willis. Moreover, this plea was to a completely separate charge, not a part of the original indictment, which doesn’t even mention President Trump.”

Essentially, Ellis scammed people into giving her $216,000 of donations just so she could read a prepared confession against President Trump, even though she tweeted her belief that the election was stolen in the tweets I have archived and posted below from 2020. Her pathetic confession was televised on every national network. There’s a reason why she gave a prepared confession on National TV Networks.  How can she say she doesn’t believe the election was stolen when she posted what she posted below in 2020? She said she saw video evidence. If this is how she feels, then that means she intentionally misled President Trump when she was working for him. She also should give back the $216,000 she said she needed for her legal defense fund since she never intended to put up a defense. Jenna Ellis is literally using this money to attack Trump, and many have argued that her solicitation of defense funds while taking a plea deal constitutes financial fraud.


Ellis’s deception and fraud in her efforts to interfere in the 2024 election have been outlined and sourced above. However, in an exclusive investigation into Jenna Ellis, I have obtained exclusive documents relating to her first marriage, her marriage annulment records, and an analysis of her records by an established forensic handwriting expert.

The records and annulment documents portray Ellis as an individual obsessed with money, lies, and religious deception. Ellis married Irish national Shane Butler on December 24th, 2014, but her official marriage ceremony took place on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2015. Ellis’s marriage ended shortly after that, and the notary stamp on her annulment paperwork shows a date of May 6, 2015, which means her marriage was shorter than 6 months long. Rather than getting a divorce, Ellis pursued an annulment. The difference between an annulment and divorce is that an annulment states the marriage never should have taken place, mostly due to the fault of the spouse. In a lot of Christian communities, annulments are accepted, while divorce is not.

Ellis’ annulment paperwork portrays Mr. Butler as a freeloader and Ms. Ellis as an immigration scam victim. Ellis has not been public about her marriage to Butler, and even more strange is that Mr. Butler supposedly signed his name on the annulment which accuses him of these serious allegations before an individual named Ryan Snell, who notarized the annulment document, according to the official notary stamp on the document.

However, handwriting experts believe Ms. Ellis forged both Mr. Butler’s and Mr. Snell’s signatures, meaning if true, Ms. Ellis committed fraud and perjury. Worse, Ellis was remarried following the annulment. If Ellis forged the annulment, the annulment would be invalid, meaning Ellis committed bigamy.

Court records pertaining to her annulment proceedings show Ellis also lied about the actual date of her marriage. On her official annulment record, Ellis said she married Butler on December 24th, 2014, but she told the court in annulment testimony that she was married on December 23rd. Did Ellis lie about her marriage date because she knew getting married on Christmas Eve would be a bad look to the Christians she constantly asks for donations from? Either way, lying about your marriage date under oath is a crime, and lying under oath leads most lawyers to disbarment.

In the same proceedings, Ellis told the court that she did not believe Catholics and Christians were the same religion. This is an interesting development, considering Ms. Ellis seems to have a close relationship with the March for Life. Catholic organizations play a crucial role in organizing the March for Life. Has Ms. Ellis told any of her Catholic friends that she believes they are of a different religion than her?

According to annulment documents, within two months of their marriage, Ellis made a claim that “Petitioner [Jenna Ellis] discovered that Co-Petitioner [James Butler] cannot make an income through music and songwriting that would be substantially similar to his income in Ireland.” Remember, James Butler did not move to the United States until Butler and Ellis were married, meaning Ellis gave Butler less than two months to find a job in the United States. Butler’s failure to make income was Ellis’ primary reasoning for the annulment. Proving something like failed income is key for an annulment to be approved. Mr. Butler allegedly signed the annulment document portraying him as a deadbeat husband. But, did he actually sign this document which degrades his performance as a husband and tacitly accuses him of immigration and marriage fraud? Why would someone sign a document accusing themselves of those things?


In 2019, Jenna Ellis married David Rives, an author, documentary maker, Christian radio presenter, and speaker who runs David Rives Ministries.

Technically speaking, Rives was Ellis’s second husband, but I have confirmed that upon marrying her in June of 2019, Rives was not aware that Ellis had previously been married to Shane Butler. Like her short lived marriage to Butler, which lasted less than six moths, Ellis’s marriage to Rives only lasted two months, and the couple divorced after two months of a marriage sources have confirmed to me was mentally exhausting and emotionally draining for Rives.

According to one report, “Ellis and Rives’ relationship journey started with an engagement in April 2019, followed by their wedding in June. Unfortunately, their marriage hit rocky waters, leading to a separation in August 2019, a mere two months post their nuptials.”

Because Ellis pretends to be such a devout Christian woman, her sketchy annulment and hidden facts about her first marriage to an Irish national who she may have fraudulently separated from via forged documents, prompted a private investigation into who this woman really is.

Who is Jenna Ellis, and what does this woman who is working with Fulton County’s District Attorney Fani Willis to sabotage President Trump have to hide?

Apparently a lot, and it’s enough to discredit Ellis entirely.

Wendy Carlson is a Certified Questioned Document Examiner who has studied handwriting and document examination and apprenticed under leading court-qualified Forensic Document Experts in the U.S.A. She has been qualified as an Expert by State, Local, Federal, and Military courts and has testified in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming. Ms. Carlson has been approved or appointed by federal and state court judges to render opinions on handwriting issues in multiple states and has completed forensic document examinations for government entities such as the United States Deputy Sheriff’s Association, United States Department of the Air Force, and United States Department of the Army.

During this investigation, in which the findings were exclusively relayed to me, Ms, Carlson’s examination of Ellis’s annulment paperwork from her first husband Shane Butler concluded with Ms. Carlson stating in an official report that she believes Ms. Ellis forged Mr. Butler’s signature on the annulment documents. Ms. Carlson wrote on a notarized document,

“Based on my scientific examination of the document submitted while using an application of accepted forensic document examination tools, principles and techniques, and distinct agreement of the unique, identifiable handwriting characteristics in the questioned signatures including but not limited to letter formation, signature formation, line quality, rhythm, slant, height ratios, placement to signature line, position on signature line, beginning strokes, connecting strokes, ending strokes and lateral expansion, it is my professional opinion that one person signed both the Jenna Lynn Ellis and the Shane Edward Butler signatures on the questioned document.”

Carlson analyzed the similar letter formation, signature formation, line quality, rhythm, slant, height ratios, placement to the signature line, position on the signature line, beginning strokes, connecting strokes, ending strokes, and lateral expansion that Ms. Ellis and Mr. Butler’s signatures have.

Additionally, Carlson also broke down the similar letter formation, signature formation, line quality, rhythm, slant, height ratios, placement to the signature line, position on the signature line, beginning strokes, connecting strokes, ending strokes, and lateral expansion that Ms. Ellis and Mr. Snell’s signatures have. Mr. Snell is the notary who stamped the annulment paperwork, and it is noted in Carlson’s official report that she believes Ellis may have forged not just Shane Butler’s signature, but also the signature of Ryan Snell, the notary.

Carlson wrote,

“Furthermore, it is my professional opinion that it is highly probable that the person who signed the name of Jenna L Ellis on the “JK” document also signed the Ryan Snell signatures on the questioned document.”

The document reads,

“Furthermore, a simple electronic examination of the Stephanie Stout signature on the attorney signature line reveals that this signature appears to be a static copy of an image and not a handwritten  ink and no pixelation of the static image.”

If Ellis did forge the signatures of both her first husband and the notary, which evidence is overwhelmingly pointing that she did, the question is why? Could it be because Mr. Butler was actually not a deadbeat as Ellis portrayed? Or could it be that Ellis was moving on to select another man to victimize and torment with her lies?

It turns out Butler had a growing reputation as an exceptional songwriter, which led to invitations to collaborate with an elite list of artists and producers, most notably Taylor Mesple, a producer and studio musician who has worked with stars like James Taylor. Remember, with divorce you don’t have to prove why the marriage never should have been valid; however, with an annulment, you do. Ellis had to come up with a reason the courts viewed as valid as to why she could no longer stay married to Mr. Butler, who is an Irish national that she had a long distance relationship with before marrying.

Adding more speculation to the belief that Ellis forged the signatures on her marriage annulment is the fact that Ellis is currently using the United States legal system to her advantage. Ellis recently pled guilty in Fulton County, Georgia, and has been starring in Fani Willis’s selectively leaked videos that are portraying lies against and scripted statements against President Trump in an effort to interfere with the outcome of the 2024 election.



Ellis’s likely forgery has huge ramifications. For starters, Ellis married a second time, and if she did in fact forge her first husband’s signature on the annulment documents, that would mean she engaged in bigamy and was married to two men at the same time. Sources familiar with her short lived marriage to her second husband, David Rives, have confirmed to me that Rives was never informed by Jenna that she was previously married, and only found out about her first husband after Rives divorced Jenna only two months after what sources say was a very toxic marriage due to Jenna’s volatile and unstable nature.

If the forensic hand writing expert is correct in her findings which are documented above, Ellis forging her first annulment paperwork would mean her annulment from Shane Butler is invalid. This means when Ellis got married for a second time, she was likely legally married to two people at once. This is known as the crime of Bigamy, and it is highly frowned upon in the Christian community which Ellis claims to be a part of.

At the time of both of her marriages, Jenna Ellis was living in Colorado, where she is licensed to practice law. In Colorado, marrying another person while already married is bigamy. This is a criminal offense and a class 2 misdemeanor under CRS 18-6-201. The penalties for bigamy include up to 120 days in jail and/or up to $750 in fines.

According to Colorado law, “Under C.R.S. 18-6-201, “any married person who, while still married, marries, enters into a civil union, or cohabits in this state with another person commits bigamy.” Before someone can enter into a marriage, civil union, or cohabitation in Colorado, any previous marriage or civil union must be terminated. This includes a prior marriage or civil union that ended in annulment, divorce, or death.”

It appears that Jenna Ellis may be a bigamist, which is most certainly grounds for expulsion from any respectable Christian church.

Forging legal documents is fraud, and perjury. This means that if the expert, certified, forensic handwriting expert’s analysis is correct, Ellis is likely guilty of the crimes of fraud, perjury, and bigamy. Any lawyer who commits one of these crimes would be disbarred, and it also means that they would not be considered a credible witness in a court room due to questionable moral character and and a lack of credibility. Ellis’s future in practicing law is looking bleak, but more concerning is how the corrupt, Fulton County DA is using a woman as a “witness” against President Trump when this woman may have forged her own annulment documents. Additionally, Ellis is a woman who has a documented history of lying and sabotaging legal cases she has worked on, as I have previously reported.

Ellis is a graduate of the University of Richmond School of Law in 2012. Upon graduating, she ran a small private practice in which she handled small cases in county and municipal courts. Ellis then secured a job with the Weld County Colorado District Attorney’s Office, under Ken Buck, in August 2012. She was then fired in February 2013 for making routine level mistakes and not complying with the Victim’s Rights Act in her handling of only misdemeanor and traffic type cases.

Jenna Ellis then claimed she was fired for doing the right thing as “she refused to bring a case to trial that she believed was an unethical prosecution.” Ellis lied about her termination, and then won her appeal for unemployment compensation after the department of labor concluded that, “There were some deficiencies in her education and experience that account for some of the errors she committed while learning on the job under high-volume conditions…(Ellis) did the best she could with her education and training to meet the expectations of the employer.”

Basically, the ruling reads that Jenna Ellis was botching cases because she was unqualified and lacked education. Ellis then began to teach some legal classes at Colorado Christian University. Though Colorado Christian University is not a law school, Ellis claimed that she was/is a constitutional law professor — Ellis was an assistant professor. This is yet another fabrication which she continued to double down on for years, including in the intro of her failed podcast in which up until recently she described herself as a Constitutional lawyer, and Trump’s lawyer. On June 16, 2015, MAGA, Make America Great Again, began as an America First, Anti-Establishment populist movement when President Trump filed to run for President of the United States. Jenna Ellis never supported MAGA, she simply used MAGA in 2020 as a financial vehicle to grift off of millions of Trump supporters. Ellis’s social media posts reveal that she was actually a supporter of Ted Cruz, and a very vocal hater of President Trump and the MAGA movement in 2015 and early 2016.

When Trump won the nomination in 2016, Jenna hopped on the Trump bandwagon. However, her criticism remained out there for all to see. Unfortunately, nobody was looking for it, and she later deleted many of her anti-Trump/anti-MAGA posts. She has since gone on to support and endorse Ron DeSantis for President while she is actively working with Fani Willis against President Trump.

Jenna caught the attention of President Trump in 2019 when she defended him on Fox News while presenting herself as a Constitutional Law Professor and or Constitutional Attorney from her Dobson Family Institute connection. President Trump then hired Ellis in 2019 as a Senior Legal Advisor.

After the 2020 election, Jenna claimed she could help Trump prove the election was stolen by getting the real evidence of fraud before the courts and state legislatures, alongside other lawyers who called themselves the ‘Elite Strike Force’.

Ellis drafted the memo to Trump with the Constitutional Legal theory that Mike Pence could help Trump legally by refusing to open the votes of the electors in the states in question. This was her idea and her legal advice as a self proclaimed “constitutional law attorney” to President Trump.

However, after I exposed the fact that Ellis was still calling herself President Trump’s attorney in her podcast one day after she flipped on him and agreed to testify against him in Fulton County, she was reportedly hit with a Cease and Desist and asked to remove President Trump’s name and image from her intro.

One thing is certain, and that is the fact that Jenna Ellis has a history of fabrication in her personal and professional life. As an officer of the court, Ellis’s actions, and the likely forgery of her annulment documents is not only enough to bar her from practicing law for the rest of her life, but it should immediately result in criminal charges, and she should be discounted from ever being a credible witness against President Trump in Fulton County. Her actions and the documents above, along with the written testimony from Wendy Carlson, a licensed, expert, forensic handwriting expert, prove that Ellis cannot and should never be trusted, not just by MAGA, but also by the entire Christian community which she has spent years infiltrating and deceiving in an effort to cozy up to men with influence and power.

How could Jenna Ellis and her testimony ever be taken seriously in any legal matter ever again when she has been accused of forging legal documents in the name of her first husband, a notary, and a lawyer? If she is willing to lie about her personal life, what else is Ellis lying about, and what other extremes would she lie about in an effort to get her way?

The American people watched her crocodile tear apology in the Fulton County, Georgia court room, which many believe was written by Fanni Willis herself, and the verdict is in: Jenna Ellis is one very sick, and troubled woman, and like a dog with rabies, she must be contained before she lashes out at another innocent victim in her never ending quest for lust, power, money, and fame.

The documented evidence above is highly alarming, and it should warrant an immediate criminal investigation into Ellis. This time, Jenna Ellis won’t be able to use President Trump’s name or a Bible verse as a shield from her shady and convoluted past. Ultimately, you can only fake it till you make it for so long, because in the end, the truth will set you and your victims free.

I am happy to make all of the original and full copies of the exclusive, legal documents and the full, forensic handwriting analysis listed above available to any legal defense team or individual who wishes to pursue legal action against Jenna Ellis so that she can be held accountable for her behavior and stop victimizing innocent men in both her romantic and professional life. 

Laura Loomer