During Wednesday night’s GOP debate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis compared himself to Calvin Coolidge. DeSantis’ disastrous farming record is almost a mirror image of Coolidge’s. Farming in America took a disastrous turn under Coolidge, which ultimately led to the Great Depression. In comparison, President Trump’s America First Tariffs led to massive growth in America’s farming industry. DeSantis has told donors he is against Trump’s tariffs.

The University of Virginia’s Miller Center describes Coolidge’s failed farming legacy, “His [Coolidge] failure to aid the depressed agricultural sector seems shortsighted, as nearly five thousand rural banks in the Midwest and South shut their doors in bankruptcy while many thousands of farmers lost their lands.”

In June of 2023, Governor Ron DeSantis vetoed millions of dollars in subsidies for Florida farmers. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson, who is a Republican, criticized DeSantis following his veto, saying, “There is no conceivable reason to target agriculture in a year when we have billions of dollars in reserves. Agriculture was harmed today and so was the state of Florida.”

Two months after DeSantis vetoed subsidies for farmers, DeSantis informed his liberal elite donors that he would not implement Trump-like tariffs on China.

Trump’s tariffs on China saved America’s farming industry. Trump has told Iowa farmers, “Ron DeSantis is owned by globalist donors who want to outsource every American farming job to a foreign nation. DeSantis opposed my China tariffs and he heartlessly opposed my $28 billion in relief to farmers.” Trump went on to say “$28 billion we took it from the tariffs.”

During his time in Congress, Ron DeSantis voted against ethanol. Trump highlighted this fact, saying, “Remember, Ron DeSanctus strongly opposed ethanol and fought against it at every turn–and he’ll do it again. They always go back to their original policy and thought.”

According to the Iowa Renewable Fuel Association, an organization that meets with Iowa U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley and other prominent Iowa political figures to advance ethanol in Iowa, Iowa’s ethanol industry “Generates over $2.4 billion of income for Iowa households; and supports more than 48,000 jobs through the entire Iowa economy.”

DeSantis’ congressional record on farming gets worse; DeSantis voted for H. R. 2146, a bill that essentially granted then-President Obama with power to implement the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a globalist trade deal that would have flooded the American market with foreign farm goods. During the same time period, then-President Donald Trump was rallying against the TPP, posting on Twitter on October 5th, 2015, “The incompetence of our current administration is beyond comprehension. TPP is a terrible deal.”

Trump was a leading voice in rallying against the TPP in 2015, calling out Republicans in Congress on Twitter, writing, “Many Republicans support TPP. They are stupid. We have stupid Republicans too. We need to keep jobs here!”

Once he took office, Trump followed through on his promise and removed the United States from the TPP, thus saving thousands of American farming jobs.

Ron DeSantis is telling voters exactly who he is. DeSantis’ presidency would mirror Coolidge’s. Implementing farm-killing policies would usher in another Great Depression.