Alex Soros owns Taylor Swift’s first six albums, Swift has come out as anti-Trump since 2018, Swift has hosted voter registration drives, and Swift’s October 2024 Eras tour is taking place in swing states or states bordering swing states. It’s fairly obvious Alex Soros, who is 38 years old, is going to use the power of music to influence the upcoming 2024 election. Soros sees Trump’s impressive polling numbers that show Trump beating Biden with voters under 35 years old. Soros knows using the culture is one of the only things he can do that gives the globalists a chance to win back voters under 35 years old. MAGA cannot simply ignore Soros’ plot, it must counter with its own massive rally.

Since September, Loomer has been reporting on Alex Soros’ election influence plot starring Taylor Swift.

The Hill recently acknowledged Taylor Swift’s ability to impact the 2024 election, especially with voters under 35, writing, “Additionally, her schedule may align well with a last-minute push for Biden. Her Eras Tour will end its U.S. run in Indianapolis on Sunday, Nov. 3. This would give Swift the Monday after for a quick campaign swing through the Rust Belt, perhaps culminating with an election-eve concert in her ‘hometown’ of Philadelphia.” This is a strong indication that Democrat political figures will join Swift at her last show before the 2024 election.

MAGA must counter Swift and Soros’ efforts with a huge rally of their own starring Donald Trump and costarring musical acts. A rally featuring performances from Jason Aldean, Waka Flocka Flame, and other pro-Trump artists that is capped by a speech from President Trump would give an opportunity for younger Trump supporters to bring their undecided or even Democrat friends to a MAGA rally. Thousands of votes could be flipped Trump’s way.

This rally should take place on the last Saturday of October 2024 in East Palestine, Ohio. Joe Biden abandoned the people of East Palestine and the surrounding areas, but Trump did not. MAGA returning to East Palestine with a huge rally that would economically boost a community would send an even stronger message. East Palestine also sits right on the Ohio-Pennsylvania border, making it the perfect location for Ohio and Pennsylvania voters to attend.

Alex Soros is going to run his election-influence plot. However, MAGA can respond with something much more powerful and effective. MAGA cannot let this opportunity go to waste.

Charles Downs