Loomer has been leading the charge in exposing Taylor Swift and Alex Soros’ 2024 election influence scam. Back in September, Loomer reported on Alex Soros owning the rights to Talyor Swift’s first six albums. Loomer then connected the facts pointing to Swift, Soros, Gavin Newsom, and Joe Biden running a major Democrat Party election influence scam.

Following Wednesday’s announcement of Time Magazine naming Taylor Swift as their 2023 Person of the Year, some in conservative media have used Loomer’s reporting in an attempt to convince people they connected the dots to Soros’ election influence scam. Others in conservative media, who understand the importance of exposing the left’s voter influence scam, praised Loomer for her months-long reporting on Swift and Soros.

On September 24th, Loomer hinted that she would reveal the first part of the Soros-Swift election influence scam as she pointed out that Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, NFL player Travis Kelce, is paid by Pfizer to encourage people to get Covid boosters.

Then, on September 26th, Loomer reported on Alex Soros owning Talyor Swift’s first six albums. A key part of her report reads, “Taylor Swift also just launched a world tour, and after she travels the world this year, she’s coming back to the US right before the US elections for what looks to be her version of an October surprise.”

Loomer’s initial reporting received over 4 million views.

On November 21st, Loomered.com published the article “Travis Kelce’s Mom Pretends to Work at Fast Food Restaurant Owned by Major Democrat Donor.” One important item from this article is that Biden attempted to compliment Swift on her Eras Tour but got her confused with both Britney Spears and Beyoncé. In October 2024, Swift’s Eras Tour conveniently visits swing states and states that border swing states. It’s also important to note that Biden recently said that Gavin Newsom could “have the job he is looking for.”

On December 4th, Loomered.com published the article “Mainstream Media Embraces Taylor Swift’s Ability to Sway 2024 Election.” An important takeaway from this article is Vivid Seats shows Swift is selling discounted tickets for her last show in Indianapolis, which is a strong indication that Democrat political figures will join Swift at her last show before the 2024 election.

Following Time’s announcement to name Swift their Person of the Year, DC_Draino complimented Loomer on her reporting, writing, “Surprise surprise – Taylor Swift has *massive* financial ties to George Soros and Alex Soros. Now do you see how she’s become a political weapon for the Democrat agenda? Props to @LauraLoomer for digging up these receipts.”

However, some conservative media figures, like Jack Posobiec, attempted to take Loomer’s reporting and act like it was their own. Presenting a watered-down report is giving the left a big victory because the American people cannot see the months-long research into this story.

Swift’s award from Time proved again that Loomer is ahead of the curve. As Democrats ramp up their election influence scams, Loomer will continue to lead the charge to expose them.

Charles Downs