Newsweek ran an article on Loomer’s bombshell reporting that linked Michael Cohen and Judge Engoron, highlighting yet another example of Judge Engoron’s bias against President Trump. Loomer’s reporting revealed Engoron was publicly communicating with federal prosecutor Phillip Halpern via the Wheatley Wildcat Alumni Newsletter. Just prior to their communications, Halpern appeared on Michael Cohen’s podcast and criticized President Trump. This all happened between September and October 2020, during a time when Judge Engoron was ordering depositions against Trump’s children in New York AG Letitia James’ civil case against President Trump.

Loomer has been leading the charge in exposing Judge Engoron’s anti-Trump bias by reporting on Engoron’s other writings in various editions of the Wheatley Wildcat Alumni Newsletter and Engoron’s wife’s public social media posts fantasizing about Trump being jailed. Trump has shared Loomer’s reporting on Engoron’s wife’s anti-Trump bias and used the reporting as justification for a mistrial.

Newsweek quoted Loomer’s article, which read, “While Justice Engoron was actively presiding as the judge in President Trump’s civil fraud case, Engoron was concurrently ‘dropping a line’ [in the Wheatley Wildcat Alumni Newsletter] to an openly biased, radical Leftist federal prosecutor, who was potentially acting as a Democrat Party operative, actively attacking President Trump, and conducting politically motivated interviews with Michael Cohen, the prosecution’s star witness. Could this ex-parte communication also qualify as witness tampering and election interference?”

Newsweek writes in their article that they reached out to, “Cohen’s lawyer via email for comment. Newsweek also reached out to the public information center for New York State courts for comment from Engoron.”

This is not the first time Loomer has exposed Judge Engoron’s anti-Trump bias in the Wheatley Wildcat Alumni Newsletter. In November, Loomer exposed Judge Engoron made reference to Trump’s trial 17 times in the Wheatley Wildcat Alumni Newsletter. Loomer called Engoron on Loomer Unleashed so he could explain himself. Engoron did not answer.

President Trump has shared Loomer’s reporting on Judge Engoron’s wife’s anti-Trump bias, using the reporting as justification for a mistrial posting on TruthSocial, “Judge Engoron’s Wife deleted her account yesterday because what she said, in any other Court in the Nation, would call for an immediate Mistrial with sanctions against the Judge and the Attorney General. We demand to see her account before it was deleted, and all other Family Members likewise. Judge Engoron is a Trump Hater and Puppet for Letitia James, all wrapped up in one!”

Whether it’s Fani Willis getting Loomered in D.C. or it’s the exposure of Judge Engoron’s anti-Trump bias, Loomer is leading the charge in exposing the political witch hunts taking place against President Donald. J. Trump.

Charles Downs