Did Ron DeSantis’ failed fight with Disney cost Florida State a chance at the College Football Playoff? President Trump blamed Ron DeSantis for Florida State becoming the first Power Five school in the history of the College Football Playoff to be left out after going undefeated. The College Football Playoff Committee, which is run by college presidents, conference presidents and athletic directors, opted to go with a 1-loss Texas and a 1-loss Alabama over Florida State.

Trump looks to be correct, as Disney’s ESPN pays the College Football Playoff Committee $450 million a year. Earlier this year, DeSantis started a fight with Disney, which has resulted in loss after loss for the Florida Governor. It’s not a farfetched theory to believe DeSantis’ fight with Disney played a role in the CFP leaving Florida State out of the playoff. DeSantis has been absent from Florida during much of the college football season. DeSantis did not attend any FSU games this year despite only living 2 miles from FSU’s stadium. DeSantis did attend an Iowa football game this year.

Trump posted on TruthSocial,” Florida State was treated very badly by the “Committee.” They became the first Power Five team to be left out of the College Football Playoffs. Really bad lobbying effort…Lets blame DeSanctimonious!!!”

Trump blaming DeSantis for FSU’s snub looks to be correct. Disney’s ESPN pays the CFP Committee $450 million a year. Over the years, college football fans have accused Disney of having a significant say in who the 4 CFP teams are. The CFP says Florida State starting its backup quarterback is why the school was left out. Florida State fans made the argument Sunday that the 2014 Ohio State Buckeyes made it into the CFP with one loss and their backup quarterback starting, making many wonder if something more sinister is going on.

Early this year, DeSantis started a fight with Disney in an attempt to improve his GOP Primary polling numbers.  This fight has not gone the way DeSantis has expected. First, DeSantis claimed he stripped Disney’s self-governing ability by claiming that he had taken over the Reedy Creek Board. However, it was revealed that Disney stripped DeSantis’ new Reedy Creek Board of its governing ability just before DeSantis took the board over. Thus, exposing DeSantis did nothing to hold Disney accountable like he told voters he did.

DeSantis’ Reedy Creek Board fight gets worse as DeSantis, in the name of family values, appointed an individual named Bridget Ziegler to the Reedy Creek Board. Bridget is married to Florida GOP Chairman Christian Ziegler, who is currently the subject of an active rape investigation. During the investigation, Bridget Ziegler admitted to having three sums with her husband’s accuser. Loomer pointed out that DeSantis has yet to call for Bridget Ziegler’s resignation from the Reedy Creek Board.

The Florida Governor was absent from the Sunshine State during much of the college football season. DeSantis failed to attend one Florida State game despite only living 2 miles from FSU’s stadium. However, DeSantis found time to attend a University of Iowa football game with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

DeSantis’ absentee governorship has caused ripple effects in Florida that are much bigger than Florida State’s CFP snub. Floridians are currently dealing with some of the highest insurance premiums in the country. Loomer also exposed that masked Biden supporting Nazis, as well as masked mostly peaceful Hamas protesters, have been causing havoc in Florida cities.

As Andrew Breitbart said, “Politics is downstream from culture.” DeSantis’ absence as Florida Governor has impacted Florida residents negatively in the cultural and political spheres. DeSantis’ only hope to save his quickly fading political career would be to drop out of the presidential race and start focusing his attention on Florida, a state that desperately needs an active governor.


Charles Downs