With the Iowa Caucus less than a month away, both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis traveled to Iowa on Saturday. Trump drew large, high-energy crowds, while DeSantis and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ event had a smaller crowd size and less energetic feel. Saturday’s crowd comparison further indicates that polling showing Trump beating DeSantis by wide margins in the Hawkeye State is accurate. Saturday’s crowd also indicates that polling showing Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds as one of the least popular governors in America is right. Following Saturday’s events, Never Back Down PAC, a PAC supporting DeSantis, had a significant shake-up, letting high-level staffers go. One can’t help but conclude that DeSanits being bested by Trump in Iowa on Saturday played a role in Never Back Downs’ Saturday night shake-up.

As Trump Force One touched down in Iowa on Saturday, Team Trump released a video showing countless examples of Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds praising President Trump and his America First policies. Polling shows Reynolds has become one of the least popular governors in America following her endorsement of Ron DeSantis for president.


Trump’s first event in Iowa took place at Whiskey River bar in Ankeny. At the event, the Trump campaign handed out “Back to back Iowa Champs” koozies. Many pointed out that messaging like this is excellent for attracting young voters, hence why current polling across the board shows Trump beating Biden in the general and DeSantis in the primary with voters under 35 years old.

Trump then made his way to Cedar Rapids for a high-energy rally. Video from Trump’s Saturday evening event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, shows a packed arena filled with an enthusiastic crowd. Trump’s Saturday evening speech focused on Biden’s failed policies and Biden’s DOJ’s weaponization against Trump and his supporters. Powerful video from the speech shows Iowans breaking down in tears as Trump compared Biden’s failed policies to his own America First policies that he pledged would ‘Make America Great Again.’

In comparison, photos and videos from the Reynolds-DeSantis event in Jasper County, Iowa, show a much smaller, less energetic crowd than Trump’s Iowa crowds.

DeSantis looked robotic as he attacked President Trump with reworded leftist talking points, such as questioning Trump’s governing methods. DeSantis has failed to gain any traction in Iowa as the Trump campaign exposed DeSantis’ disloyalty and anti-farming globalist policies.

Instead of tackling these issues head-on, DeSantis decided to pay Bob Vander Plaats for an endorsement and run a campaign attacking Trump instead of running a campaign on policy. The results have been disastrous as most polling shows Trump leading DeSantis by 50 plus points in Iowa.

Following Saturday’s dueling events, Never Back Down PAC, a PAC that supports DeSantis and has invested significant time in resources in Iowa, let its Communications Director Erin Perrine go. One can’t help but believe Trump’s beatdown of DeSantis in Iowa on Saturday played a role in Perrine’s departure.

Trump is expected to continue an aggressive Iowa strategy as he will make several more trips to the Hawkeye State before the January 15th Iowa Caucus date.

Charles Downs