Prior to Sunday night’s Kansas City Chiefs vs Green Bay Packers game, The Hill ran an article titled “Miss Americana: How Taylor Swift Could Save Joe Biden.” The article highlighted that Swift and her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, could play a significant role in “ending the political career of President Donald Trump” in the 2024 election. Back in September, Loomer exposed most of the information included in The Hill’s Swift article. The uniparty has a history of releasing its plans through mainstream media outlets like The Hill. This means the Democrats’ 2024 election plot featuring Taylor Swift should be taken extremely seriously by all Trump supporters.

Like clockwork, Taylor Swift showed up to the swing state of Wisconsin on Sunday night to watch her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, play against the Green Bay Packers.

In September, Loomer revealed that Alex Soros owns Taylor Swift’s first six albums. Swift has been politically active since 2018 and has registered millions of people to vote while encouraging them to vote against Trump and anti-Trump candidates. In the same post, Loomer reported that Swift’s upcoming October 2024 Eras Tour will stop in the Republican-leaning state of Florida. The other stop is Indianapolis, Indiana. Indianapolis is within driving distance from the swing states of Michigan and Wisconsin and the Republican-leaning state of Ohio.


Months later, The Hill’s article on Swift echoes Loomer’s warning reading,  “Additionally, her schedule may align well with a last-minute push for Biden. Her Eras Tour will end its U.S. run in Indianapolis on Sunday, Nov. 3. This would give Swift the Monday after for a quick campaign swing through the Rust Belt, perhaps culminating with an election-eve concert in her ‘hometown’ of Philadelphia.”

The uniparty loves using mainstream media outlets like The Hill to send a preview of their plans to the American public. Expect Taylor Swift to do exactly what The Hill writes. It gets even odder as Vivid Seats shows Swift is selling discounted tickets for her last show in Indianapolis. This is a strong indication that Democrat political figures will join Swift at her last show before the 2024 election.

The important question is, which Democrat political figures will join Swift? As Biden’s mind and polling numbers continue to free fall, many, including Loomer, are strongly speculating that Gavin Newsom will replace Biden on the ticket. Loomered.com reported that DNC Convention rules are set up to allow Newsom to get votes on the first ballot even if Biden won the delegates from that state. All that is needed for this to happen is for Biden to retire before July’s DNC Convention.

The argument that Democrats are planning to install Newsom grows stronger with the fact that Alex Soros, the same man who owns Swift’s first six albums, recently called Gavin Newsom “one of the USA’s great leaders.”

Biden recently attempted to compliment Swift on her Eras Tour but got the pop star’s name confused with both Britney Spears and Beyonce. Biden’s gaffe regarding Swift could not have made Soros happy as evidence suggests Swift is key in Soros’ 2024 election plot.

Whether the Democrats’ nominee is Biden, Newsom, or someone else, one thing can be certain. Taylor Swift will be there supporting and working with whoever the Democrats nominate in 2024.

Charles Downs