The DNC rules in place for the upcoming 2024 Democrat National Convention in Chicago are designed to install their nominee for president. In theory, these rules would allow for Gavin Newsom not to run in a single DNC Primary but still win the nomination on the DNC’s first ballot. Alex Soros’ recent praise of Gavin Newsom, combined with Biden’s mind and polling numbers in free fall, has made many speculate that Gavin Newsom will be the Democrats’ 2024 nominee.

During his Thursday night debate with Ron DeSantis, Gavin Newsom said, “Joe Biden will be our nominee in a matter of weeks.” This statement from Newsom is a lie, as the Democratic Nominee is not official until the DNC Convention votes in July, and obviously, July is not a few weeks away.

However, Newsom’s comments may have provided insights into the DNC’s 2024 planning. DNC rules for the upcoming convention state, “On the first ballot of the presidential roll call, only pledged delegates will be permitted to vote unless a presidential candidate has been certified by the DNC Secretary to have obtained a number of pledged delegates equal to a majority of all.”

The term pledged delegate means that DNC Convention delegates from each state must vote the way their state voted in the DNC Primary. However, the rule above states that pledged delegates can vote against their state’s primary results as long as the DNC Secretary certifies the candidate they are voting for. So, in theory, Joe Biden could win every state in the DNC Primary and then announce his retirement before the DNC Convention. Then, as long as the DNC Secretary approves Newsom’s name to be on the ballot, DNC delegates can vote against their state’s primary results and instead vote for Newsom on the first ballot.

DNC rules seem to be set up for Biden’s retirement as another essential rule reads, “Requests to nominate a presidential candidate shall be in writing and shall have affixed thereto the written approval of the proposed nominee.” This simply means an individual can’t be nominated without agreeing to be nominated. So if Biden announces his retirement after the Democrat Primaries, DNC rules prevent Biden from becoming the party’s nominee, even if Biden won every state’s Democrat Primary.

DNC rules even allow the DNC Convention to wing their nomination process with the clause allowing for this to happen reading, “To assure that the Democratic nominee for the office of President of the United States is selected by a fair and equitable process, the Democratic National Committee may adopt such statements of policy as it deems appropriate with respect to the timing of Presidential nominating processes and shall work with state Parties to accomplish the objectives of such statements.”

Gavin Newsom has become a favorite of Democrat super donor Alex Soros. This further suggests speculation that the Democrats will choose Newsom as their 2024 nominee. While meeting with Newsom during September’s Clinton Global Initiative, Soros posted a pic of himself and Newsom and captioned the photo, “Starting one of New York’s craziest weeks: #ClimateWeek and @UN General Assembly at the @ClintonGlobal Initiative and got to catch up with one of the USA’s great leaders @GavinNewsom!”

Newsom essentially walking into Chicago and winning the DNC Nomination without appearing on one Democratic primary ballot beforehand is not a far-fetched idea. Instead, this scenario looks more likely by the day.