In recent weeks, billionaire Mark Cuban announced he was quitting Sharktank and selling a majority share of his beloved Dallas Mavericks NBA franchise. Cuban said earlier this week he is not interested in running for president and made these deals for more family time. However, Cuban teased a presidential run in 2016 and 2020. On Wednesday, Colin Cowherd, the host of one of the biggest sports talk shows in America, who basically serves as a Democratic Party mouthpiece, said he believes Cuban could lead an upheaval in the Democratic Party. Both Cuban and Cowherd have a history of criticizing Trump.

Cuban also played the United States President in Sharknado 3. Politicians who play the president on screen before assuming actual power include the Democrats’ close ally, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Loomered.com previously reported DNC Convention rules essentially keep the Democratic Primary wide open until the DNC Convention, no matter the results of states’ primaries.

Cowherd highlighted that Cuban owns an online pharmacy called Cost Plus Drugs, whose primary clients are Americans who tend to lean conservative. Cowherd then made the argument that Cuban running for president could lead to an “upheaval in the Democratic Party” because Cuban’s conservative pharmaceutical customers would strongly consider voting for him if he is the Democratic nominee.

Colin Cowherd is not just any sports radio broadcaster. Cowherd worked for Disney’s ESPN for decades and now works for Fox Corp’s Fox Sports One. Cowherd’s social media posts are vehemently anti-Trump and read remarkably similar to DNC talking points. Cowherd would not make a statement about Cuban unless he was granted permission by his globalist masters.


Cuban himself has publicly posted anti-Trump statements, once comparing Trump’s presidency to “political chemotherapy.”

In another post, Cuban praised ranked-choice voting, writing, “Alaska’s Murkowski could escape Trump’s wrath due to ranked-choice voting.” Cuban then wrote, “I wish we had this everywhere we would have better candidates.”

According to Capital Research Center, Jonathan Soros, the brother of Alex Soros and the son of George Soros, was one of the biggest donors to the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting. This organization started ranked-choice voting in Maine and has expanded its efforts across the United States. FEC records show Unite America PAC has given to the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting. FEC records also show Kathryn Murdoch, the wife of James Murdoch, who is the son of Fox Corp President Rubert Murdoch, donated to Unite America PAC. Interestingly, Rubert Murdoch also owns Fox Sports 1, Colin Cowherd’s employer.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a close Democrat ally, played a president on TV before becoming President of Ukraine. Cuban played the president of the United States in Sharknado 3. It’s a well-known fact globalists like to repeat the same political plots over and over again.

Loomered.com previously reported that the DNC Convention has implemented rules that allow pledged delegates to vote against their state’s election results as long as the DNC Secretary approves of the candidate before the vote. This means the Democratic Primary is essentially wide open until the DNC Convention in August. A Cuban or a Newsom could still win the DNC nomination despite the fact that they did not run in any of the Democrat state primaries.

Will the Democrats nominate Newsom, Cuban, or even a Newsom-Cuban ticket? Biden’s weakness and Trump’s significant lead have opened Pandora’s box for the Democrats’ 2024 nomination process.

Charles Downs