Following Loomer’s bombshell exclusive that Jude Engoron’s wife was posting anti-Trump bias on her social media accounts during Trump’s civil trial that her husband, Judge Engoron, was overseeing, President Trump demanded that he be granted full access to all of Judge Engoron’s family’s social media accounts. New York AG Letitia James has been combing through Trump and the Trump organization’s records. Trump should be granted the privilege to review records pertaining to Judge Engoron’s bias.

Trump posted to TruthSocial on Friday, “Judge Engoron’s Wife deleted her account yesterday because what she said, in any other Court in the Nation, would call for an immediate Mistrial with sanctions against the Judge and the Attorney General. We demand to see her account before it was deleted, and all other Family Members likewise. Judge Engoron is a Trump Hater and Puppet for Letitia James, all wrapped up in one!”

On Thursday, Loomer revealed that Judge Engoron’s wife’s account, known as @dm_sminxs had been deleted from X. Loomer commented on Trump’s Friday post, writing, “President Trump just called out Judge Engoron’s wife for deleting her X account, yesterday after Trump posted my investigative report which exposed how the wife of leftist judge Arthur Engoron has been making anti-Trump posts from her X account while her husband oversees Trump’s civil fraud Trial in NYC.”

For years, court documents show New York AG Letitia James has been going through the records of Trump, his children, and the Trump organization. AG James has obtained these records using a variety of different methods, such as relying on her Democrat friends to sue at the Supreme Court of the United States for Trump’s tax returns and taking methods into her own hands, even going after Trump’s children. On November 1st, Newsweek published an article titled “Letitia James Ready To Pounce on Donald Trump’s Children.” Given what AG James has been allowed to do, Trump’s request to view Judge Engoron’s wife’s social media to prove bias should be granted.

Earlier the month, Loomer revealed that the X account, known as @dm_sminxs, belonging to Judge Engoron’s wife, Dawn Engoron, posted images during the trial fantasizing about Trump being in jail. Posts also included “F Trump” and attacks against Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba. Loomer’s reporting on this matter has caused many, including President Trump himself, to call for a mistrial.

Loomer’s findings on Judge Engoron have exposed to the world that AG James and Judge Engoron have tilted New York’s scales of justice.

Charles Downs