New York’s appellate court reinstated a gag order against President Donald J. Trump that bars Trump from commenting on Judge Engoron’s court staff. Loomer recently revealed that Judge Engoron’s wife had been publicly commenting on Trump’s New York civil trial via her social media account. Trump was in classic form responding to the reinstated gag order, taking to TruthSocial to share Loomer’s posts that exposed Engoron’s family bias.

On Thursday, New York’s appellate court overturned Judge David Friedman’s ruling and reinstated Judge Engoron’s gag order against President Trump. The key part of New York’s appellate court’s ruling read, “It is ordered that the motion is denied; the interim relief granted by order of a Justice of this Court, dated November 16, 2023, is hereby vacated.”

Judge Engoron gagged Trump from talking about members of his court even though Engoron’s wife has been publicly commenting on her X account, known as @Dm_sminxs, about the trial her husband is overseeing. Engoron’s wife’s account had been posting images of FTrump and Trump sitting in jail.

In classic Trump form, Trump responded to the newly installed gag order by sharing Loomer’s screenshots of @DM_sminxs fantasizing about Trump being in jail. Trump captioned the photos, writing, “This is the Judge’s Wife and Family that are putting these things out. I am not entitled to a Jury under this Statute. Can this be happening in America? This is the most unfair Trial in the History of New York, and I’ve had some pretty unfair Trials!”


In another post on Truth, Trump shared a different Loomer screenshot of @DM_sminxs’ account; this photo showed Trump sitting in a jail cell reading a book. Trump captioned this photo, writing, “Another from Judge Engoron’s Wife. Can this be America?”

Trump also reshared one of Loomer’s original posts exposing Judge Engoron’s bias, with the key part of Loomer’s post reading, “This is incredible bias. On or around November 7th, she posted tweets in which she said FUCK TRUMP. Nobody can actually say this is a fair trial!”

As this happened, Loomer broke more significant news that Engoron’s wife’s X account had been deleted.

No typical politician would ever respond to Judge Engoron’s gag order like Trump. History shows Trump’s response to Judge Engoron will favor him going forward. Republican Party primary Gallop polling from February 2016, which was in the middle of the 2016 GOP Primary, shows that most Republican voters supported Trump due to the fact “he is not a career politician/outsider and speaks his mind/ outspoken.”

Real Clear Politics’ polling averages show Trump took the lead over Biden in early September 2023, one month after Trump’s summer of politically motivated arrests. This clearly indicates that a majority of American voters are disgusted with how America’s legal system has been weaponized against a President of the United States.

Trump may have the Democrats right where he wants them as the 2024 election season inches closer and closer.

Charles Downs