Earlier this week, Americans for Prosperity Action, one of the political arms of the Koch Network, endorsed Nikki Haley for President. The Koch Political Network, composed of Club for Growth, Club for Growth PAC, and Americans for Prosperity, has pledged to spend over $70 million dollars to stop Trump. Interestingly, Team DeSantis and the Pac that supports them, Never Back Down Pac, have strong Koch connections, too.

In 2016, Jeff Roe, who is now part of Never Back Down Pac, was Ted Cruz’s 2016 Campaign Manager. During the 2016 GOP Primary, Cruz announced Carly Fiorina, another GOP presidential candidate at the time, would be his running mate in the 2016 GOP Primary in an effort to stop Trump from securing the nomination. The writing is on the wall for Never Trump forces to attempt their 2016 failed ticket strategy again, this time with Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley.

Loomer exposed that Jeff Roe’s Axiom Strategies played a key consulting role in Yesli Vega’s 2022 congressional campaign. Vega was running in the Virginia-07 swing district 30 miles south of Washington D.C. Roe implemented “the Great American Comeback” slogan in Vega’s campaign. However, one of the most interesting parts of Vega’s campaign is that FEC Records show Americans for Prosperity Action donated almost a million dollars to Vega in 2022.


Chip Roy, one of the few members of Congress who have endorsed DeSantis for President, is a frequent receiver of Club for Growth PAC and Americans for Prosperity Action donations. FEC records show Roy has received Donations from the Koch Network since he was first elected to Congress in 2019.

In 2016, Roy was Executive Director of the Trusted Leadership PAC, a Pac that supported Ted Cruz’s 2016 presidential run. Interestingly, Chip Roy was an integral part of Vega’s campaign, appearing at several events for her in late October. This fact is weird, considering Chip Roy is a member of Congress from Texas.

Ron DeSanits’ Koch Network connections expand greatly beyond Mr. Roe. FEC records show that the Club for Growth PAC donated to DeSantis when he was a member of Congress.

In June, Loomer shared an old clip of Casey DeSantis creepily holding a Club for Growth Mug on television like it was her child. In the interview, Casey DeSantis says, ” My club for Growth Mug, I got this when I was up in D.C. I bring this out for special occasions.”

Nikki Haley’s Koch connections are a little more obvious than DeSantis’ as Americans for Prosperity Action endorsed Haley earlier this week. Haley and DeSantis’ connections to Koch money are making many wonder if Jeff Roe and his Koch friends have a 2016 repete in mind, where instead of Cruz and Fiorina, it’s a DeSantis and Haley “ticket.” Loomer posted about this possibility back in October.

As Trump’s GOP Primary lead continues to expand, expect Never Trump forces within the GOP to become more and more desperate with attempts to steal the nomination away from Trump.



Charles Downs