The Koch Network is one of the most significant political operations in the United States of America. The biggest operations within the Koch Network’s political arm are the organizations Club for Growth and Americans for Prosperity Action, which endorsed Nikki Haley earlier this week. The Koch Network has pledged millions to beat Trump in 2024. Koch’s Never Trump anger stems from Trump’s America First Tariffs, which protected American workers from Chinese cheating and dumping. Trump’s America First Tariffs also made Trump the first Republican Presidential candidate to win Pennsylvania since 1988. Despite this, the Koch Network has been spending millions in an attempt to transform the GOP into a globalist-supporting party.

President Trump has always known the Koch network’s determination to destroy America First Policy. In 2015, Trump revealed that the Club for Growth demanded that Trump pay them $1 million. Club for Growth’s X account replied to Trump’s revelation, accusing the future President of the United States of “being the worst kind of politician.”

Following Trump’s win in 2016, when he was still the President-Elect, Club for Growth worked with then-Speaker Paul Ryan to attempt to create congressional roadblocks to ensure Trump could not implement the tariffs he wanted to. On January 5th, 2017, just one day before Congress officially voted on Trump’s win, Club for Growth released a statement that read, “Club for Growth Supports Ryan’s No-Tariff-Increase Pledge.” This pledge outlined Ryan and the rest of the congressional globalists’ attempts to block Trump’s fair trade plans.

Luckily for the American worker, Trump was much smarter than Paul Ryan and Ryan’s Club for Growth friends. Trump was able to implement many of the tariffs he pledged. However, this angered the Club for Growth tremendously. When Trump issued tariffs on steel and aluminum, Club for Growth put out a statement that admitted the tariffs helped American Steel, but Club for Growth was angry over the tariffs hurting international markets. The crucial part of the statement reads, “While the previous round of tariffs on steel and aluminum increased profits for some U.S. steel mills, these profits came at the expense of downstream users who require affordably priced metal from the domestic and international markets.”

Trump’s America First Tariffs drastically improved America’s economy. According to Trump White House archives, “Median household incomes rose to their highest level ever in 2019, while the poverty rate hit an all-time low. Under the Trump Administration, more Americans were employed than ever before—160 million—and the unemployment rate fell to a 50-year low.”

Trump White House archives listed “Fair and Reciprocal Trade” as a critical reason for America’s economic boom under Trump. Trump White House archives also reveal that 1.2 million manufacturing jobs were created under Trump’s presidency.

Trump’s 2016 tariff pledge helped him become the first Republican to win Pennsylvania since 1984. Trump keeping his promises and imposing tariffs during his presidency helped him become the first Republican since 1972 to win Mahoning County, Ohio, which is the home of Youngstown. Many view Youngstown as the center of America’s Rust Belt. Even Michael Moore admitted Trump’s tariffs were “music to the ears of people in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.”

Despite economic and election success, Americans for Prosperity Action is expected to spend $70 million in an attempt to beat Trump in the GOP Primary. Last August, Americans for Prosperity Action posted, “Tired of all Trump’s Drama and Chaos? If Donald Trump is the GOP nominee, he will make 2024 all about him, not about us. To beat @JoeBiden, we must move on from Donald Trump.”

Interestingly, Nikki Haley, who Americans for Prosperity Action endorsed on Tuesday, said on Fox News Wednesday, “Chaos follows him. [Trump]”

One thing is for certain: Nikki Haley and her Koch friends will attempt everything they can to destroy MAGA in 2024.

Charles Downs