Is it common for candidates seeking higher office to use a failed congressional campaign strategy from a previous candidate who shares the same personnel? In 2022, a woman named Yesli Vega ran for the Virginia-07 Congressional Seat. VA-07 is a swing district located about 30 miles south of Washington D.C. Vega’s 2022 run was supposed to kick off the Congressional Red Wave that many said would sweep over America during the 2022 election cycle. However, Vega, who rejected President Trump and instead rallied around the endorsement of Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, ended up losing her race, and the national Red Wave never materialized. However, Vega’s campaign slogan was “The Great American Comeback.” Sound familiar?

Well, there are very few coincidences in politics. Yesli Vega hire Ken Cuccinelli as her campaign chair and Axiom Strategies as her political consultants. Axiom Strategies was founded by Never Trumper Jeff Roe. Following the Vega campaign, Ken Cuccinelli started the Never Back Down PAC, a super PAC focused on supporting Ron DeSantis’s Presidential campaign, and then Cuccinelli brought on Axiom Strategies founder Jeff Roe to work on the PAC.  Ironically, DeSantis’s 2024 Campaign Slogan is also “The Great American Comeback”. It appears as though “The Great American Comeback” is a recycled failed congressional campaign slogan and strategy from Ken Cuccinelli and Axiom Strategies that they have now decided to roll out as a national Presidential campaign.

On May 24, 2023, the day Ron DeSantis officially launched his Presidential campaign, his first tweet that he posted about his Presidential campaign said, “I’m running for president to lead our Great American Comeback.”

The overlap between the Never Back Down PAC advisors and Ron DeSantis’s official campaign slogan is interesting, as federal law prohibits Super PACs from coordinating directly with campaigns. This means Roe and Cuccinelli either gave DeSantis the slogan before they launched the Never Back Down PAC, or Roe and Cuccinelli, along with the DeSantis presidential campaign, broke federal law and coordinated on what DeSantis’s campaign slogan should be. If Cuccinelli and Roe told DeSantis to use “The Great American Comeback” slogan before DeSantis officially filed to run for President, since Never Back Down launched on March 9, 2023, nearly two and a half months before Ron DeSantis officially filed to run for President, nit inly is that evidence of illegal coordination, but it’s proof that DeSantis violated FEC laws by running a shadow Presidential campaign long before he officially announced.

FEC records show that failed congressional candidate Yelsi Vega paid large sums of money to Jeff Roe’s Axiom Strategies for consulting and direct mail services in 2022.

Vega was extremely excited when Cuccinelli joined her team, posting on February 7th, 2020, “We are so excited to have @KenCuccinelli join our team as the Chair of our campaign committee! With his skill and expertise, Team Vega’s momentum is only continuing to grow stronger by the day. We’re ready to take back the House this November!”


Vega embraced Ken Cuccinelli and Jeff Roe’s consulting firm, and officially made “The Great American Comeback” her campaign slogan. On April 7th, 2022, Vega wrote, “Great times this week with Republicans in Fredericksburg and King George. They’ve become accustomed to solid Republican representation from Congressman @ReElectWittman and don’t want to go backwards. 2022 starts the Great American Comeback.”


Yesli Vega’s campaign events even featured DeSantis supporter Congressman Chip Roy, who was one of the first to endorse DeSantis’s failing Presidential campaign. Roy’s X accounted also posted praise for Vega more than three times in 2022. This is odd, considering Roy represents Texas, a state thousands of miles away from Virginia. Even more odd is that in late October of 2022, just before the election, Roy was campaigning for Vega in Virginia instead of helping elect Republican candidates in Texas where he lives.

In true Team DeSantis form, Vega put Trump’s endorsement of her in her X bio before the GOP Primary. Then, after the primary, Vega deleted Trump’s endorsement from her X profile.

Following Vega’s defeat, Roe and Cuccinelli began laying the groundwork to launch the Never Back Down PAC, a pro-DeSantis Super Pac. Following Roe and Cuccinelli’s launch of Never Back Down, like clockwork, Ron DeSantis posted on June 2nd,

“We must have the courage to lead and the strength to win because the stakes could not be higher. This election is a referendum on the failures of Joe Biden – an open border, inflation, and a woke ideology infecting our society. But the people of Greenville, South Carolina, are ready to fight back and restore America. Together, we will fight the good fight and defeat Joe Biden. And when we do…we will usher in our Great American Comeback.”


Many are now wondering if when Jeff Roe’s Axiom Strategies and Ken Cuccinelli called Ron DeSantis, they said, “Our platinum plan allows you to recycle the failed Yesil Vega Congressional campaign and slogan ‘Great American Comeback’? But, it’s going to cost you $85 MILLION from your Gubernatorial piggy bank!”

Or, is it common for a Presidential candidate to use a losing Congressional candidate’s recycled campaign? However, this is not the biggest question out of this whole ridiculous ordeal.

Federal law prohibits candidates from coordinating with Super PACs, which means Roe and Cuccinelli likely told DeSantis about their slogan long before they launched Never Back Down PAC, which would prove Laura Loomer correct in that DeSantis was running a shadow presidential campaign many months before his official announcement that he was running for POTUS. Regardless, there definitely needs to be an investigation into the illegal coordination between the Never Back Down PAC and Ron DeSantis’s Presidential campaign.

Poor Yesli Vega thought Axiom and Ken Cuccinelli designed her message (Great American Comeback) and approach for her to win her election. However, Yesli was nothing more than a test subject and political guinea pig. In the end, she not only lost her election, but she ended up with over $457,000 in debt and her first election lost. Perhaps she would have won if she had not distanced herself from President Trump when he endorsed her. Vega’s disrespect and lack of appreciation for her Trump endorsement in 2022 turned voters off and proved to them that she was not truly an America First candidate.

DeSantis’s advisors, like Roe and Cuccinelli, all live in an echo chamber. They truly believe their messaging is superior, and they don’t care who they hurt and how many times they have to lie in order to make a buck. DeSantis may want to ask Roe and Cuccinelli for a refund since his failed Presidential campaign is nothing more than the bootleg reboot of a failed Virginia Congressional campaign. No wonder why Ron DeSantis is currently polling at 8% nationally. He is literally running on sloppy seconds. However, this is not surprising as DeSantis’s campaign is essentially “Ted Cruz for President” 2.0. Just look at the Never Back Down PAC. It’s filled with Cruz 2016 endorsers and Cruz campaign officials,

It sure looks like Axiom Strategies presents their candidates with pre-packaged materials similar to warranty plans on used cars.

The only thing worse than a used car salesman is Ron DeSantis’s Presidential campaign.

Laura Loomer