Governor DeSantis appointed Peter Antonacci to lead Florida’s Election Fraud Office. On September 23rd, 2022, Mr. Antonacci died of a reported heart attack following a meeting in Ron DeSantis’ Florida State Capitol Office. Mr. Antonacci lay on the ground for 24 minutes in Ron DeSantis’ Florida State Capitol Office before help arrived. Questions are arising on how an unconscious man was on the ground for 24 minutes in Ron DeSantis’ Captial Office, which is one of the most highly watched areas in Florida.

Mr. Antonacci previously served as Former General Counsel to Governor Rick Scott of Florida. It’s widely reported Scott and DeSantis do not have a close relationship.

Redacted documents from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on the death of Mr. Antonacci state that at 1:29:26pm on September 22nd, Mr. Antonacci is seen entering Ron DeSantis’ Florida Capitol office to attend a meeting with 11 people. The individuals the report lists as attending the meeting are Mr. Antonacci himself, James Byrd, Florida’s secretary of State and close DeSantis ally, Bradley McVay, Scott McInerney, Shane Desguin, Mark Glass, Ryan Newman, and Scott Strauss. Interestingly, an “unknown female and male” are listed on the report as attendees to the meeting. How is it possible for an unknown person to make it into Ron DeSantis’ Capitol Office?


Loomer commented on this section of the report: “I also noticed that FDLE went out of their way to not mention the identity of the “unknown white male” inside the meeting with Antonacci.”

The report then states Mr. Antonacci left the meeting and at 1:46:27pm, Mr. Antonacci fell in one of the hallways in Governor DeSantis’ Florida Capitol office. The report says that when Mr. Antonacci fell, he appeared to strike his head. Mr. Antonacci was on the floor for 24 minutes until help arrived at 2:10:05pm. Notably retracted from the report is the exact hallway where Mr. Antonacci fell. Mr. Antonacci died shortly after law enforcement discovered him.

No autopsy was performed on Mr. Antonacci’s body. There are also rumors that Mr. Antonacci and DeSantis had a heated argument before Mr. Antonacci left the meeting.

It gets even weirder as the report states that some of the cameras in Ron DeSantis’ Florida State Capitol Office were not working. The exact location of the broken camera in DeSantis’ office is redacted in the report.

According to the FDLE website, “Duty officers assigned to the Communications Center monitor numerous surveillance and camera systems, and fire and intrusion alarm systems, as well as door access systems for the Capitol Building, Holland Building, Pepper Building, and the Capital Circle Office Center (CCOC).”

Even if some cameras were down, the time stamps in the report show that Mr. Antonacci’s fall was able to be picked up by some security cameras. It would be incredibly shocking if the Florida Capitol Police were not monitoring the cameras in Ron DeSantis’ Capitol Office. Also, if some cameras were down, why didn’t the Florida Capitol Police send officers to patrol those unwatched hallways? Lastly, Mr. Antonacci’s fall made a loud noise. How is it possible that no Florida Capitol Police heard a loud noise coming from DeSantis’ office?

It seems the Governor of Florida has no interest in answering any of these questions, as this redacted report was released via a public information records request. It’s extremely odd Ron DeSantis does not want answers to any of these questions given the law enforcement who missed Mr. Antonacci’s fall are also in charge of DeSantis’ safety. This has led many to believe that something more sinister may be in play.

Charles Downs