In the last two weeks, President Trump has shared several of Loomer’s articles and posts exposing the political witch hunts being orchestrated against him.

On Tuesday, President Trump shared seven posts in a row that were Loomer articles or posts about the Engoron family’s bias against Trump. Loomer exposed that the X account, known as @dm_sminxs, belongs to Judge Engoron’s wife. The account @dm_sminxs has posted salacious attacks against Trump and his attorney during Trump’s trial that Judge Engoron had been presiding over.

Loomer’s reporting on Judge Engoron’s family bias against Trump played a significant role in releasing Judge Engoron’s gag order against Trump. Her reporting has also caused many to call for a mistrial. In a video in response to Loomer’s findings, Scott Adams said, “Congratulations Laura Loomer. I think you ended this trial and if you didn’t, I don’t know how any of this could be credible.”

The mainstream media did not take kindly to Loomer’s reporting on Judge Engoron’s wife’s biases. Newsweek ran a deceptive headline reading, “Exclusive: Judge Engoron’s Wife Denies Posting Anti-Trump Messages.” However, at the end of the article, even Newsweek essentially admitted they could not dispute Loomer’s findings on Judge Engoron’s wife’s social media accounts. Trump shared Loomer’s post revealing the author of the Newsweek piece locked his social media accounts.


Last week, President Trump shared an article on Fani Willis getting Loomered at a D.C. fundraiser located in the same building as the Washington Post. Loomer exposed the fundraiser before the event happened. The individual who hosted the fundraiser, A. Scott Bolden, has been a frequent guest on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, supporting the prosecutions of Trump and using the prosecutions as justification for saying Trump won’t win the 2024 election.

Loomered reporter Charles Downs took an exclusive video of Willis’ fundraiser check-in table at the Washington Post’s 1301 address. The video then showed Willis’ staff attempting to close the garage doors on Downs to avoid questions.

Downs was still able to ask Willis a few questions, asking, “DA Willis, why did you come to D.C. for a fundraiser? You are the Fulton County DA, not the D.C. DA. Are you coordinating with the Biden DOJ to arrest Trump? You clearly don’t want to answer the questions because you put the garage door down. You talk a lot on X and in court, but you don’t want to talk when you can’t control the narrative, do you?”

Throughout November, Loomer led the charge in exposing Fani Willis and Judge Engoron’s political lawlessness. As the left continues to ramp up their lawless witch hunts against Trump and his supporters, we will continue to ramp up our coverage exposing them.

Charles Downs