A 2010 affidavit signed by William Randolph Folks states that Mr. Folks had an affair with Nikki Haley between 2007 and 2008 when Haley was a South Carolina State Representative and Mr. Folks was working for Rep. Haley as a communications consultant. The story becomes more twisted as Loomer shares an old Vouge article from 2012 where Haley told the story of suggesting to her husband, William Michael Haley, that he should start going by Michael because he looks more like a Michael. Haley and her husband have been married since 1996. Haley has been attempting to sell to GOP voters that she is a mom who cares deeply about her family. However, Haley’s alleged affair happened while her children were 6 and 9 years old. Haley has denied the affair, but records show she never sued William Folks over his claims. In 2011, Folks “dared” Haley to sue him over his allegations.

William Folks’ affidavit begins, “I was employed by S.C. Rep. Nikki Haley from early 2007 until March of 2008 as a communications consultant. As I have stated publicly, during that time, Rep. Haley and I engaged in an inappropriate physical relationship that included numerous instances of inappropriate sexual contact.”

The affidavit portrays Haley as someone more interested in reliving their teenage experiences than someone wanting to be an elected official, reading, “Representative Haley and I shared our first kiss while sitting in her parked car outside of MacDougal’s restaurant and bar in downtown Columbia, S.C. This kiss took place in early 2007 following an evening with friends at the nearby Liberty Taproom. After this first kiss, Rep. Haley drove us to the parking lot behind the neighborhood center at Emily Douglas Park where we parked for approximately forty-five minutes. There we slid back the seats of her Cadillac SUV so that Rep Haley could climb on top of me. After this first romantic encounter, Rep. Haley and I saw each other.”

Loomer posted screenshots of the affidavit, commenting, “@NikkiHaley really is living that “girl boss” life! Nimrata apparently loves being on top in the sheets, and the streets.”

The story became more twisted when Loomer shared a Vogue article from 2010 where Haley tells a story where she convinced her husband, William, to start going by his middle name, Michael. The key part of the article read, “Governor Haley persuaded Michael, né William, to start going by his middle name shortly after they started dating. He looked more like a “Michael.”

Loomer commented on her post, writing, “Did you know @NikkiHaley married a man named William who she asked to change his name to Michael? And then, according to a signed affidavit, she allegedly had an affair with a man named William.”

In recent debates, rallies, and ads, Haley has attempted to sell herself as someone who cares deeply about her family. However, Haley’s alleged affair took place when her kids were just 6 and 9 years old.

Haley has denied the affair, but records show Haley has taken no legal action against Folks. In 2011, Folks dared Haley to sue him, posting, “Anytime Haley wants to sue us for libel, we are waiting.”

Haley has become a media darling due to her embrace of anti-Trumpism. Loomer pointed out that the mainstream media probably won’t ask Haley about the affidavit, writing, “.@VivekGRamaswamy I think I figured out what
@NikkiHaley has been doing with her “ammunition heels”! You should ask her about this at the next debate! GOP voters have questions!! We all know the mockingbird media won’t ask her! Scandalous!!!!”

The next GOP debate will be on December 6th. It will be extremely telling if the moderates or candidates ask Ms. Haley about Mr. Floks’ affidavit.

Laura Loomer