Just two days before Thanksgiving, Fulton Country DA Fani Willis was attempting to jail Black Voices for Trump founder Harrison Floyd, claiming Mr. Floyd violated his bond by calling Jenna Ellis a “hot mess” after Ms. Ellis struck a plea deal with Willis earlier this month. Loomer reported Ellis’ lawyers were helping Willis’ efforts to jail Floyd. Ultimately, Georgia Judge Scott McAfee ruled against Willis and Ellis, allowing Mr. Floyd to remain free on bail. Loomer pointed out that Ellis’ efforts to jail Floyd two days before Thanksgiving were not very Christian of her. Before taking a plea deal, Ellis raised money from Trump supporters, claiming she was going to use the funds to fight the charges against her. Loomer led the effort by calling on people to donate nothing to Ellis. Ultimately, Loomer turned out to be correct. Ellis has starred in video leaks that many believe are from Fani Willis. Eerily, Ellis started attacking Loomer directly after Willis was Loomered in D.C. This as Ellis continues her support of Ron DeSantis for president.

Loomer reported that Ellis and her lawyer argued that Floyd’s post referring to Ellis as a “hot mess” was meant to intimidate and harass Ellis. Loomer pointed out that helping DA Willis attempt to jail Mr. Floyd two days before Thanksgiving over a lie about harassment was not very Christian of Ms. Ellis.

DA Willis told Judge Scott McAffe, “We are asking that his [Mr. Floyd’s] bond be revoked and that he be remanded today.” Ultimately, Judge McAffe ruled against Willis’ request, deciding to modify Floyd’s bail.

Recently, Ellis has been starring in selectively leaked videos released just before Fani Willis’ D.C. fundraiser. Many believe Willis leaked those videos on purpose in an attempt to extract her donors just before the fundraiser.

Willis was Loomered at the fundraiser, refusing to answer if she is coordinating with the Biden DOJ on her prosecutions of Trump. Interestingly, just after the Willis Loomered video was released, Ellis started to attack Loomer, using a false smear that Trump would be making a personnel mistake if he brought Loomer on as Press Secretary. Many then questioned if Ellis became enraged at Loomer due to Willis’ Loomering. Ellis’ defense of Willis’ attempts to jail Floyd only supports this notion.

Ellis has used Trump-supporting Christians as her grift machine, consistently invoking God and Jesus in her fundraising projects and political endorsements. Loomer was the leader in telling Trump supporters not to donate to Ellis after Ellis started a fundraising campaign after charges in Georgia were announced saying Ellis, who supports DeSantis, would turn on Trump. Loomer turned out to be correct.

Earlier this month, Loomer asked DeSantis Communications Director Christina Pushaw why Ron DeSantis won’t disavow Biden’s weaponized government against Trump. Pushaw refused to answer. This, combined with Ellis’ determination to jail Trump supporters, heavily points to Ron DeSantis supporting the weaponized government against Trump and his supporters.

Charles Downs