Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce’s mom was seen pretending to work at Raising Cane’s on
Monday in Kansas City prior to Monday Night’s Chiefs vs Eagles Game. FEC records show Raising Canes CEO Todd Graves donated heavily to Joe Biden and the Democrats in 2020. Graves has also made donations to Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, who has said Trump needs to drop out of the presidential race.

Loomer previously reported that Alex Soros owns Travis Kelce’s girlfriend Taylor Swift’s first six albums. Swift conveniently became anit-Trump after Soros acquired Swift’s albums. Travis Kelce has embraced Swift’s globalist friends, becoming a Pfizer spokesman. Kelce even referred to himself as Mr. Pfizer. Alex Soros has referred to Gavin Newsom as “the USA’s greatest leader.” Prior to his recall election, Newsom received $1 million from SEIU. SEIU represents fast food workers. The writing is on the wall. Soon, Newsom will be running for POTUS and Swift, Kelce and Kelce’s mom will join Newsom in pretending to be fast food workers in an effort to gain 2024 votes.

Video from Monday shows Travis Kelce’s mom wearing a Raising Canes jersey while working the drive-through. The video was eerily similar to globalist presidential candidate Ron DeSantis pretending to be a bartender. Pretending to be fast food workers or bartenders is a strategy globalist elite candidates deploy in an effort to connect to American voters.

FEC records show Rasing Canes CEO Todd Graves donated heavily to Joe Biden and the DNC in the 2020 election. Graves also donated to Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, who recently called on Trump to drop out of the presidential race due to Trump’s “legal issues.” According to NOLA.com, Graves was the second biggest donor to Joe Biden from the whole state of Louisiana.

Alex Soros recently called Gavin Newsom ” America’s greatest leader.” Loomer recently reported that Soros owns Swift’s first six albums. Swift has become anti-Trump since Soros acquired Swift’s rights. Taylor Swift played a significant role for the Democrats in the 2018,2020 and 2022 national elections.

Swift has become a fixture for Democrats. During his turkey pardoning ceremony, Biden attempted to complement Swift on her Eras Tour but got Swift mixed up with Britney Spears and Beyoncé. In October of 2024, Swift’s Eras Tour conveniently takes place in swing states and states that border swing states. It’s also important to note that Biden recently said that Gavin Newsom could “have the job he is looking for.”

Prior to the California recall, California’s SEIU Local 1000 donated $1 million to Newsom to help him stay in office. Fast food workers are amongst the people whom SEIU Local 1000 represents. Nationally, SEIU has been the organization leading the fast food workers’ fight for $15 charge.

This could all be a coincidence, but coincidences are very rare in politics, especially during a presidential election year. More likely, Alex Soros wants Gavin Newsom to be POTUS, but Soros understands he must utilize people like Swift and Kelce in order to make Newsom popular with the American people. The best way for Soros to accomplish this would be to make Newsom look “normal” by having Newsom work a regular job with people like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Either way, America is in for a wild 2024 election season.