While Biden was pardoning turkeys on Monday, investigative journalist Laura Loomer revealed that Joe Biden’s only three pardons of 2023 dealt with individuals charged with crimes related to helping the Iranian government perform espionage against the United States. These individuals were pardoned as part of the Iran- USA prisoner swap that also gave Iran $6 billion. Iranian proxy Hamas attacked Israel a few weeks after the exchange. One of the individuals pardoned, Kaveh Lotfolah Afrasiabi, was charged with failing to register as a foreign agent. Afrasiabi’s pardon wreaks of hypocrisy as Robert Muller used FAIRA related charges against Paul Manfort in an effort to expand his probe into the now debunked Trump-Russia Collusion lies. Loomer also pointed out that while Biden is releasing Iranian terrorists, peaceful J6ers remain jailed in federal prisons across America.

Loomer’s post, exposing Biden’s Iranian pardons, perfectly summed up the Biden White House’s hypocrisy, reading, “We are a nation that will pardon Turkeys and Iranian Terrorists, but not Trump supporters.”

Kaveh Lotfolah Afrasiabi was charged with similar FARIA-related crimes as Paul Manafort. When Trump pardoned Manafort following the Mueller Probe, which proved no Trump- Russia Collusion, Democrats and RINOS still criticized the President, comparing Trump’s pardon of Manafort to actions a mob boss would take. Unsurprisingly, Democrats and RINOs were silent when Biden pardoned Mr. Afrasiabi.

In December 2020, the Trump DOJ arrested Amin Hasanzadeh and charged him with stealing information from his American technology employer and then sending that information to his brother in Iran, who has Iranian military ties. The Iranian government desperately wanted Mr. Hasanzadeh to be involved in September’s swap, and the Biden White House was happy to include him in the deal. Many are now wondering if canceling Trump’s accomplishments was part of the Biden White Houses’ motivation to include Hasanzaheh in the agreement.

Following Biden’s pardons of Mr. Hasanzadeh, Kashani and Afrasiabi, Iranian proxy Hamas launched the deadliest attack in Israel’s history that also killed or captured countless numbers of American citizens. Biden’s appeasement of Iran has made Trump recently question if the Biden family is receiving some payment from Iran like they do everyone else.

Loomer is leading the charge, questioning why Biden has chosen to pardon terrorists over Trump supporters jailed over J6-related charges. Released video from J6 shows Trump supporters peacefully walking around the United States Capitol Complex after being let in by the United States Capitol Police. Despite this, many seen in these videos are currently jailed in federal prisons awaiting trial or have been sentenced to hefty sentences despite not committing any violence.

This Thanksgiving season, the Biden White House’s hypocrisy is on display for all of America to see.


Charles Downs